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Astral Projection
Post # 1
i am atempting astral projection and would like to know as anyone here succeeded if you have post here
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Re: Astral Projection
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Astral Projection from Site Spells Discussion.
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 3
Do you have any questions about astral projection?
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 4
Hello Raven and all. As for me ive attempted astral projection. I've been able to relax my entire body by imagining a white light entering my crown chakra and moving all the way down to my base chakra relaxing every part of my entire body as it travels downward. By that time I begin feeling tingling on the extremities of my feet, fingers and other parts. I then imaging myself inside the cockpit of a fast moving airplane about to liftoff. Immediately at liftoff, I imagine my astral body coming out of my body. Other times I imagine my physical body as a cocoon with my astral body moving side to side to detach itself from it. Other times I imaging a levitated rope above me with my astral body grabbing it and pulling itself upward out of my physical body. Ive done these exercises several times but at the culmination ive awoken by interruptions or by the fear of what I may see when I'm out of my body. AP is not for everyone. I know for a fact these exercises work but after the tingling, I hear noises that frighten me so I never finish. I would feel more comfortable and safe if I had someone (a sitter) there with me.
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Re: Astral Projection
Post # 5
I've done it and i find it easy, i simply open my astral eyes then stand up and walk out of me body. From there you can do almost anything, such as me when i first did it i was afraid then the second i conqures the fear. Once the fear was gone i drained a bunch of energy from the plane to make armour. After wards i went looking for a fight. I found some entities on the plane and they were not a match. After a couple were beat the rest gave up and they work for me now. Yes I have a vast army on the astral plane. But not for bad perpuses but instead to cause order we act sort of like the police but stronger. All I can say is if you can get onto the plane don't cause trouble or you'll have a army of about 2-3 million entities come after you. Ya i got busy recuting.
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