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help please
Post # 1
i just learned the history of wicca the moon phase the holidays eveything like that now can someone help me with the basics of magick i know u need visulization meditation grounding cenerting and energy minipulation but i need to no how to do these things in specific detail please help im not young so im not to bright so thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you post something
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Re: help please
Post # 2
sorry i ment to say i am young my bad
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Re: help please
Post # 3
Hello and welcome Trey!

The first basic that you should be doing is meditation. I would like to give you a lesson that my Priestess taught us. It is easy, and does not take too much time, either.

Light Meditation is, perhaps, the easiest form of Meditation. It can be done
within 5min or it can extend to half an hour, according to how badly you need it.
Simple Step-By-Step Instructions! (perhaps what many people need)

1) Relax your muscles and sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.
Laying down is fine and may be a recommended position if this is your first Meditation.

2) DON'T clear your mind, focus on a happy thought. You can clear your mind if
you want, but for a light meditation the point is simply to get rid of negative
feelings, so focus on something that makes you happy. For an example we will use:
Ice Cream.

3) While focusing on Ice Cream; regulate your breathing. Every inhale should take
five seconds, count them. Hold your breath for a second and release a five second
exhale. Wait a second and repeat.

Continue this breathing process until you feel relaxed and at peace. Now don't just
get up and go, NOW clear your mind. Let your own thoughts come back naturally to
you, don't force them. Once you feel you are ready stand up and take on whatever
task you have to do next.

I think that you should practice this until you feel that you have it down right. Then try for longer periods of time. (I usually do 30 min. daily, but it took me a while to get there)

Then perhaps you can move on to visualization. Please don't try to rush things, you won't be able to accomplish much that way.

My Blessings to you on your journey.
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Re: help please
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Yes, breathing is very important. Learn how the lungs actually work.In "natural" breathing (and this what you are aiming at) breathing is by the bottom area of lung. If you are breathing naturally the abdomen expands, and so does the back! But NOT the chest! The old style PE, chest out, chin in , arms stretch, simply does not work. Breathe deeply, and naturally, then you will be relaxed for meditation.
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