wondering for my soul

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wondering for my soul
Post # 1
hello everyone just want to know few grandmother died on September 28(29)2010..after few weeks we celebrated my cousin birthday (its her grandmother too) and after the party we went to bed and i heard grandmother calling for me(didnt get drunk because i promise my grandmother to not get drunk) next day we talked about it and my Aunt said that it could mean that we need to discover something for her..after few days before we went to sleep only me in the room heard the dog barking and i said out loud grandmother if your here let the dog stop barking and dog stopped barking next thing what happened i slept at my cousins place because i was going to college..i hard someone walk around me i pryed because i was afraid and then bag fell down i woke up my cousin to be with me in my room and when all things went quite we went to bed and then something started knocking in a cabinet...i went to my cousin room to sleep...this all started to happening when talked that maybe other Aunt is gulty for my grandmother's dead(she lived with her and as soon as granmother got a little bit sick Aunt went to get the house on her name)..everytime we talk about it grandmother give us a sing that she is there..i dont know what i need to discover and what should i find out...dont know where to ask except here..hope you have something to help me...well cant call police because there isnt evidence to prove my other aunt is guilty for my grandmother's dead so im trying to find out as much as i can :)
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Re: wondering for my soul
Post # 2
Your grandmother needs help crossing over, for some reason she stayed, perhaps she missed her window of opportunity to cross over (which is 9 days after she died), or perhaps she did not accomplish what she was meant to do in this life. Whatever the reason find a spiritual guide near where u live to help her cross over. Be wary of cons, they will promise to solve your problem if u pay them before they do it, whilst true spiritual guides will probably ask about the circumstances on your grandmothers death and ask to be taken to where u last saw her. Now, if u are not sure if the ghost haunting u and ur aunt or cousin is your grandmother do this: Whenever u hear strange noises or feel a presence, ask for proof. Say out loud, if it is you "name surname" (of your grandmother) knock three times on the wall, or on the door. Keep quiet and listen, after a few moments, if nothing happens ask again and wait for the response, and 1 more time to a total of three times. Most importantly do not be afraid. Good luck.
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Re: wondering for my soul
Post # 3
thank you very dont know how this really means to me..
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Re: wondering for my soul
Post # 4
Sometimes it's honestly as simple as the deceased trying to let the grieving know they are ok and will "always be with them".
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