Vampiric Magic

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Vampiric Magic
Post # 1
Do plants and animals hav energy like humans and if so, does that mean we can drain it?
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Re: Vampiric Magic
Post # 2
Every Living thing has an electrical current which passes through it, as i have tought, electricity is a form of energy so yes they do have energy and they also harness energy like humans, plants harness energy from solar rays reflectd by our atmosphere.
And the idea of draining the energy is kindve the opposite of reiki, and becuase reiki is used on plants and animals aswell as humans, there is no reason why we couldnt drain and harness these energies. We already do infact, when we eat plants we harness the energy from the nutrients, so its good to eat an hour before a spell, and giving it that hour to settle and for your body to absorb the energy completly. And drawing the energy from animals is popular among african shamans who imitate animals as a way to connect with that specific spirit of that type of animal, doing this can give the shaman or what ever practicioner shared abilites that animal possesses^^
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Re: Vampiric Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
I see from your bio pickel that you are very young. Like most young people, you distinguish between animals and humans. We are all animals; being neither vegetable or mineral. All animals have the same sort of energy, as already posted. Plants certainly have energy, and have feelings. (Put a flame near a plant and watch it shy away from it.) The question is, why would you want to drain it?
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Re: Vampiric Magic
Post # 4
ive read that there are side effects to necromancy (flaking skin, hair loss, advanced aging) because of their connection to death energy. To combat these effects alot of necromancers turn to vampiric magic by draining small amounts of energy from humans. I was thinking that draining energy from plants would b an alternative to using humans.
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Re: Vampiric Magic
Post # 5
Certainly, but there would have to be a reason to do so. I found that plant energy is also quite nicer, cleaner even. My experience. But don't ever take so much as to kill the plant. Another interesting and power thing I have done is absorbed energy from fire. I found that it has the side effect of increased energy, and hot flushes.
So be careful, but experiment.
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