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my rambulings
Post # 1
It is interesting the state of things here, the fact that all most all the spells are there to learn the basics on setting up a spell, that covens fountion by adding information, that is gust jeneraland there is at lest in the ones I have been in no strucher. I love this site, that is why I coment so much on it. I am a private pratistioner of "true" magick, and I have most my life under my belt of studies. But it has also acord to me that the disrespect levals hear are also unbeleavebule. And I know magick has been a way of freedom for many, but I don't see "freedom" playing out herein some of these cases,I onestly see egio driven people that want to use magick to gain for them selfs greedly everything there hart disires, with no leval of respect. Magick is an art, it is a gift not a right. And the few bad apples are tainting the tast of the others. If this younger generation of practitioners are going to even atempt to be come good in magick, then some one really needs to set a standered bair of morls here. For this is getting ridicules.

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Re: my rambulings
Post # 2
I agree with what you are saying. But it's not entirely the fault of the younger generation. Movies and television portray magic as a quick, easy solution to life's problems. They believe what they see, without checking out for themselves what it is all about. Role players and fluffies don't help the situation any. I've also seen so many members wanting spells to change some physical part of themselves, turn into a vampire, werewolf, mermaid, make someone fall in love with them, do harm to others, change the weather, etc.

Like you said, magic is an art, and as in any form of art, practice needs to be done to fine tune it. It will never be perfect, but life isn't perfect to begin with.

Maybe one day, they will believe it.
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Re: my rambulings
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It happens in many places, not just with magic. The youth and newcomers try to follow that which seems more appealing. Me saying magic doesn't change your eye color, will not defeat the claims of someone who swears it does. It happens when you are new, and ignorant, trying to find what suits you best.
Normally these people either grow on to real practice, or grow down giving us all bad names, and later simply moving on into something else.
Like I said it happens everywhere, all we can do is just do our jobs of installing properly correct information in the minds of people willing to learn from experience. Answer questions with gained knowledge, and give counsel to those who ask. In the end, there are many people who started out that way, and made it to good magical practitioners.
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