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Post # 1
i would like to know some wheather spells for snow days and rain. can anyone help?
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Re: wheather
Post # 2
I don't personally believe anyone should mess with the weather. It can be bad enough on its own at times, but if you are interested in such spells why not write your own? They would work better for you than one that someone else gave you.
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Re: wheather
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Anyone who thinks that they can control the weather will very soon be disillusioned by Mother Earth! This site is full of "experts" in pyrokenesis, hydrokenesis, telekinesis, etc. Can you control fire? Your local Fire Service will adore you! Can you make it rain? Saudi Arabia would pay you millions!
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Re: wheather
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: wheather
Post # 5
At the risk of sounding a bit like a nut job, I have a story for anyone who cares to listen...

I was around 10 years old, my sister was around 7. Can?t remember what triggered the idea off (it must have been a movie or a story we heard), but the two of us decided to try and call the rain on one hot afternoon after we got back from school. Mind you this was light-years ago, so the memory is dim.

With no experience or knowledge in magic, we shortlisted a few tools... I have no idea why we decided to use them or what made us choose those ones in particular and I can?t even remember most of the tools. But the ones that I do were ? incense sticks, which my family burnt at the altar ....um... there was definitely a holy basil plant (amongst several others that we grew on the balcony), some sort of string, some offerings for the basil plant (don?t remember what offerings) and a strange branch that looked like a lopsided fork...can't recall what we did or said...but I did wave that branch around, asking the rain to relieve us from the heat that day. I do remember pretending that rain was sending me messages through that branch in my hand... I?d point the forked side of the branch to the sky and then hold it near my ear. I would hand the branch to my sister who mirrored my every move. We did this for a while and then shut our eyes and focussed on calling the rain. But nothing happened. We got fed up, went into the house, forgot about the rain, watched some TV, had dinner and crashed.

Later that night the two of us were shaken out of our sleep by thunder, lightning and a heavy downpour. Thrilled to bits, we ran to the balcony to soak in the rain and started screaming out in joy, believing that we had called it.

The screaming woke mom up and she yanked us back into the house. Drenched from head to toe, we tried to tell her but she just nodded indulgently, dried us up and put us back into bed.

My li?l sister today is a mother of two little girls herself, but she remembers this day as well as I do, and for some odd reason, we?ve never tried to call the rain again.

Nope not claiming to be a shaman or someone who controls nature... lol... I can barely control my own life. But something strange did happen that day.

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Re: wheather
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
A lovely story! But there are many such stories of things happening because somebody "willed it to happen". I can quite believe that you and your sister were both thrilled at the time.Nevertheless, it would have rained anyway!
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Re: wheather
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
To be perfectly honest Brysing, you're a very close-minded person. Most of your posts are just you telling someone your opinion, and while you are entitled to one, you sound like a skeptic. I understand you've practicing for many years now, but you really need to realize that over the years different techniques, theories, and other such things have been developed. So instead of shooting down other people's opinions and offering a "skeptics point of view", you should look into opening your mind and learning and excepting things rather then tossing it to the side because you think its non-sense.
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Re: wheather
Post # 8
Boy, I wish I could change the weather! We've been having snow now for the past 3 days! But even then, I wouldn't change the weather. It's here for a reason, so I will just let it be.

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Re: wheather
Post # 9
I've had an interesting experience when I was actually about the same age you were that night. 9 or 10. I really don't know exactly how it worked, or if it was mere coincidince, but as a young child, I was so filled with belief that I was right that I somehow managed to cause it to hail in a perfect circle around my house. I said a simple rhyme that kind of just popped in my head. It was really strange, something about wishing for a white christmas. It was at a family dinner on christmas day.
At the time I attributed it to divine sarcasm if you know what I mean, because I didn't specify what kind of white I wanted.
Coincidence? Magic? You tell me, it's whatever you believe.
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Re: wheather
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Heywhatsup; that is what all posts are, people's opinions. Far from being "close minded" I very open minded. But I am also a realist. If some young and vulnerable person asks "how can I jump off a high building without hurting" I will try to tell them not to do it. When the young imagine that nothing is impossible with magic, I think I have a moral duty to tell them it is not so. I think that I should always try to point out the difference between reality and fantasy; what is possible in magic, and what isn't.
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