drawing skills

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drawing skills
Post # 1
is there a spell which could improve drawing skills or imagination? thanks
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Re: drawing skills
Post # 2
i am an artist to. im a wiccan artist. and yes i know a spell. get a pencil then put it in salt water and mix your energy with it. then put food coloring into the water. say Artistic vision come to me. Then use the pencil to draw and yor drawings will be amazing
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Re: drawing skills
Post # 3
my experience in being an artist is to keep practicing,an artist is usually never satisfied with their work totally but you have to know when to stop before you overwork your artwork
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Re: drawing skills
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Why depend on a spell? Do you think a spell would turn you into an instant accomplished artist? Join an Art class, learn to draw. Meditation and visualisation will help, but get the lessons as well! There must be a thousand books on drawing; and the internet is full of such instructions.
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Re: drawing skills
Post # 5
You don't need a spell to improve your drawing skills or imagination. What you can do is keep trying your best to improve your drawings or until you feel satisfied but remember not to give up so easily.
As for imagination just be creative or draw whatever that pops from your head. That's what I do but I like to visualize what I want to draw first and than make some changes.
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Re: drawing skills
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
As the others said skill is generally something that need be developed through practice.

If you're looking for inspiration try meditation and perhaps explore astral projection. You'll be able to sketch some wild still lifes from that...heh.

From there though, the element of Air is considered rather cerebral and inspirational. You can invoke its energies to aid you in finding inspiration if you are in somewhat of a block.

Consider exploring such things. Often the act of discover itself is enough to inspire.
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Re: drawing skills
Post # 7
okay, look. I'm going to tell it to you straight. I don't believe there is a spell that will work as effectively as you would like. The most effective method at better drawing skills is something I doubt you want to hear- practice. I'm a very young artist. I'm 15. But my work has been hung in various locations and I've won awards. I myself find drawing to be a great visualization training, because you are actually making what you picture, relatively tangible. Now I want you to get something straight. I am not bragging. I know there are many artists who's work would put my own to shame, but I have drive. If you are serious about art, than you will do the most fundimental, necessary thing: practice, practice, practice! Haha. Art is ambitious. It required passion and a yearn to do it well.
I'm going to give you the biggest tip, in my opinion, about art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So don't worry about what people think about your work. Some people might love it; see a paint splatter as a magnificent and unknown world. Others would see it as it Is. A splatter if paint.
Develop a style, see what suits you. I am into realism and drawing mythical creatures. You could be into caligraphy, graphic art, abstract, whatever! Point is, take what you like about art, what you truley enjoy doing, and "run with it." :)
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