Ward people from ur room

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Ward people from ur room

Ward people from ur room
Post # 1
Hey I need some space to myself and my mom is always in my bedroom nagging at me. I need a spell that would ward people from my room so I can have a place to be at peace. I know there are spells that can secure a door but the only problem is that she took my door (don't ask me why). So I need a spell that would protect a doorway or at least protect my room from people.
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Re: Ward people from ur room
Post # 2
Well with me being a mother I'm kind of wondering why your mother would do that, That was until I read your I'm guessing that shes wanting to make sure your not conjuring up the devil in your room.
firstly I think it may be advisable you try to talk to your mother again not about the Wicca(maybe leave that till you think she will be more receptive to it) but about the need for privacy and try to come to an understanding with each other..a little bit of give and take on both I dont know what the nagging is about maybe you could try to understand her point of view and work on some kind of negotiation with her.
As for the spells for securing your room I'm kind of a believer in making your own.
If you decided to go with a spell you could perform it in a secluded space somewhere in nature if you cant get to do it in your room.

I hope you get to work things out with your mother and she accepts your choosen path.

Love and Light
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Re: Ward people from ur r
Post # 3
One thing that I find helpful is to sprinkle red clay at the threshold of your door. I know it was used in the skeleton key, but I've been using it since long before that movie came out. And like she said, just talk to your mom. Sit down with her and just talk about how you feel you need your own privacy.

Now in regards to witchcraft, if your mom is very hardcore bible thumping christian, then getting her to understand could very well be out of the question, but if you ever feel he urge to bring up the subject, allow the goddess to guide your words. I know i was in the same situation, but one day me and my mom were sitting outside and something quite literally forced me to bring the subject up. I don't really remember much of the talk cuz it felt kinda like a trance in a way. If you can do this I would also try and get a few books, specifically (although I can't stand her in the least) the book Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. That's what I used. Hope this helps

May the love and light of the Lord and Lady be with you always,
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