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Post # 1
this cat followed me half way one street away to the store where i was getting cones this cat kept stopping me like no dont go dont do it stuff like that i saw its aura and it was strong and different from peoples and other cats this cat came from nowhere noone noes who it belongs to but i dont think hes normal opinions plz
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Re: Animal
Post # 2
Maybe he/she is just a lonley cat wanting you to take it home and give it some icecream and some love.......hey my dog drinks tea and eats mints she's a bit weird for a dog really..but animals have their quriky sides too just like humans.

Love and Light
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Re: Animal
Post # 3
ya i would bring it in but my mom has four cats and three kittens and when i got to the store they were sold out so maybe the cat was trying to tell me?
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Re: Animal
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: Animal
Post # 5
I think there are cats who want to protect us. I once read something my grandmother showed me about cats. It said that the reason why cats exist is because they take away all your negative energy when you sleep. That's why when you go to bed they follow you and cuddle up with you, they take away the negative energy and stress. The more stress and negative energy you have, the more cats you should have. My grandmother is very tired and stressed usually and she has 3 cats. :3 lol. Anyway...what I mean, is that maybe that cat was 'sent' to you and it wasn't just a coincidence. I'm just positive it's some type of sign. u.u Once a cat followed me in the street and I remember I was kinda stressed and tired, I felt a little better once the cat stopped following me. :)
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Re: Animal
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Most cats will follow a human, as will most dogs. It is also a known fact that holding and/or stroking an animal,cat,dog, or whatever, has a calming effect on humans.It isn't so much taking away negative energy as taking away "stress";especially of people who live alone. A cat or a dog is the most wonderful companion! But there is a difference. A dog is a pack animal, a cat is a "loner".
You can "own" a dog, but the cat "owns" you! A dog will stay even if treated badly. Treat a cat badly and you will never see it again!
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