power and the seasons?

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power and the seasons?
Post # 1
hello, ive been doing magic and been wiccan four 4 years now, but over the last three, and even now, during the winter months i get weaker to the piont where i cant even feel energy. is this wierd?? normaly im very good at helping my friends deal with emotional issues i can usually take there negitive emotion (im not an empath) and i normaly just know things. but as soon as halloween passes i get weaker and by the cristmas i have no powers what so ever, im usually back to full strenght by my birthday (yes i see the patteren) but i just wanted to know if anyone else gose through this and how can i get it to stop. my grades suffer and i get headaces all the time, my mind slows down and i feel vonarable without my shields, plus trouble has a knack for fallowing me.

seriously how can i fix this problem, oh and is it normal

oh, and it didnt happen the first year i was practiceing, idk if i didnt notice it or what, but please help....
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Re: power and the seasons?
Post # 2
well its the first time ive heard of season strength like that but what i can suggest for now is to do a grounding and root your self deep in nature.

i personally use to find that i was a tad weaker in the night time but as soon as i developed harmony with nature everything is fine, since the seasons are part of nature i suggest going into deep grounding eg listening to the earth's heart beat and speaking to mother nature. When you finally understand and harmonize with nature everything should be fine.

Just respect nature and understand everything is everything and all should be well.

"the earth's is the lords/goddess and its fullness thereof"
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Re: power and the seasons?
Post # 3
It sounds like your sorta out of balance with nature it self. I mean if your at peak during the summer months, you would eventually have to reach a low point. As for a solution um try a different branch of magic in the winter. Everything has a polarity. For example I do fire magick in the winter and water magick in the summer. I think its all about balance.
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Re: power and the seasons?
Post # 4
thanx for the hepl bouth of your answers sound really helpful thanx
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