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new spell request
Post # 1
ok first of all yes im new here i've never really beleived in this type of stuff i dont know if any of this works or not
my freinds how-ever tell me spells & black magic are reall !
i would really like a simple spell for money
as if who doesn't is there such a thing ?
i dont work cos im disabled had a stroke 10 years ago
now my left arm & leg are paralyzed due to that event
is there any kind-a healing spell that will fix/repair
my limbs and make me whole again ?
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Re: new spell request
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Magic does work and the thing about it is that it only works with belief, people tend to cast spells with doubt saying they will believe when it works but by doing that they are dooming the spell.

People get the wrong idea about how magic works too, the money spell won't give you a lottery win, it gives people opportunities to make money, however there are specific spells for lottery & bingo type wins. I would suggest reading through some Carl Nagel books which can be found on

As for healing, I have never came across a spell that will heal someone from an illness or disability, mainly because I haven't went indepth with those type of spells. To me when casting healing spells it is always best to have them deal with creating the best conditions for medicines and treatments to work, it has a higher success rate.

There are many spells on this site that deal with what your looking for, have a look through and see if any of them feel good to you. There is a good money spell in the Carl Nagel books which I have used, brought me small wins on the Lotto in the UK, nothing major just a few wins under $50 over a series of weeks but that was good enough for me.
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