Guardian Angel or Spirit?

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Guardian Angel or Spirit?
Post # 1
Well I used to have a guardian angel who was named Adam, who first appeared to me when I first started dating people..
He protected me and would help me when times were tough..but then just a few days ago something happened.
I met a nice guy online and we became pretty close, now this guy told me he liked me and 3 days later I was praying to God and I said "I do not care whether I am destined for this person or not, I just want to be with them" and at that moment I felt Adam hug me and fly away and he hasn't been back since.

So I have some questions to what people think this might be...

1)Was Adam an Guardian Angel or a Spirit? Because I saw a flashback once from when I knew him in my last life.

2)Now Adam teached me about love and after I said this thing to God he left, making me think i've learnt all I needed to.. But this guy who is on the the internet is like teaching me in a way too, making me get over my shyness and stuff.
So do you think I will be with him for the rest of my life, or he is just another teacher like Adam?

3) Any other things you wanna say about the situation?

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Re: Guardian Angel or Spi
Post # 2
This is probably one of your many spirit guides. Everyone has many spirit guides, but usually five main ones. Guardian angels protect you when you are not supposed to die, or get you out of trouble. You only have one of them. I don't know why he hugged you and left, but if he is one of your spirit guides, he won't leave you. Maybe it is just a sign. Try contacting your other spirit guides, maybe they can help you. But spirit guides choose to become spirit guides, so they won't leave you. Good luck!
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Re: Guardian Angel or Spirit?
Post # 3
But I don't feel him around anymore! and how can i get in contact with the other ones???
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