Karma Curses?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Karma Curses?

Karma Curses?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I recently been having a lot of problems with two of my friends lately.
I was friends with them for about 4 years.
They turned their backs on me.
My ex girlfriend cheated on me and used me just to see if she liked other girls.
They called me a bunch of names and said I was full of Vanity and Hatred.
They stopped being friends with me for being Wiccan.
They keep saying stuff all over the internet just to hurt me.
They made me begin to hate myself.

I really had to use everything inside me not to curse them.
I know some pretty dark curses that could mess up their whole lives.
but I remembered the "Harm None" Rule and the "Three Times Three" rule and i couldn't follow through with it.

I know Karma will come a bite them in the ass.
but I just wish she'd go a little faster.
Does anyone know any hexes that'll bring revenge to these people who've hurt me?

I really don't want to curse them, and I don't want to cause them unneeded harm.
But I just want them to feel the pain that I felt.

Thanks everyone.
Blessed be
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Re: Karma Curses?
Post # 2
Just something to think about...

By cursing them for causing you pain, you will be exactly what they've said. Full of hatred.

If you believe in karma, then allow karma to work it's course otherwise you will just regret it later on and cause yourself more pain.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"- Eleanor Roosevelt
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Re: Karma Curses?
Post # 3
i was gonna write something but that quote really says it all.
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Re: Karma Curses?
Post # 4
That quote does say it all also I think this quote says a lot too!

"Anger may bring extra energy, but it eclipses the best part of our brain: its rationality. The energy of anger is almost always unreliable". Dalai Lama.

Love and Light

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Re: Karma Curses?
Post # 5
whoever said opposites attract, needs to be told a thing a two. When you watch a sad movie, it attracts sadness and brings you to tears. When you see a baby laugh, you laugh too,it brings you happiness. When someone yells at you, you'll keep shut out of fear or yell back. Negative emotions that are sent in your direction, evoke negative emotions in you. Dont absorb other people's negativity. Instead block them out. You don't need a spell to that... for now, just knock them off your facebook/bbm/chat, stay away or delete your profile from any community they visit. Avoid them for a while. Dont cross their path. If they still come after you, surround your self with white light, while you're meditating. Once you've done that while you're still meditating, that is if you believe in angels, call out to the guardian angels of your friends and ask them to tell your friends to tell them not to harrass you, as it causes you pain and distress. You may even ask Archangels Michael and Raguel (the former being the protector, the latter being the angel of friendships)to intervene if you like.

And please dont curse anyone, these things can bite back very badly
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Re: Karma Curses?
Post # 6
To wish Evil is to be a recipient of it. Remember Karma works in her own right not the time you wish her too. Instead of curses and Evil try this:simple but true. "WISH the person to see the error of their own way" and remember what comes around generally goes around, its a universal law.
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Re: Karma Curses?
Post # 7
If you believe in Karma then worry not it will come back to them. As to the want to cast it not only will you be what they call you, but Karma will bite you in the butt as well. If you're gonna believe in something like Karma remember it applies to you as well not just others
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