Past life reading..

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Past life reading..
Post # 1
LAst time, when i did a past life reading, the magician (reverse) is appeared in the occupation position. Before that a week when i used dream magic, i saw my past life as a bad witch. And when the star (Reverse) is appeared in the " How i died" position, i got a vision of me dying in the past life when i touched it. But now, it seems like something is blocking me from seeing my past life. I can't use tarot or dream magic. I don't know why, can anyone help me, please?
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Re: Past life reading..
Post # 2
can cards really tell you anything ?

if they hold so much meaning why do begginer sets come with meanings on them ?.

we carve our own destiny and create our own fortune. past life what is a past life have we been here before, i think not.

what would i call a past life, yesterday two days ago that is MY past life.

the easyest way to manipulate humanity is by telling them what they want to hear, even those down and out inderviduals with no purpose know that if they cant make anything of themselves they can quite easily make it as a psychic, medium or fortune teller, just by knowing that people will hand over money to be told what they want to hear.
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Re: Past life reading..
Post # 3
Just like vegetable, some like to eat and some don't. It depends on how you think and believe it. So is magic.
Wish you the best.
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Re: Past life reading..
Post # 4
hello, i dont know why you cant use this magic anymore but you could always use ward spells and circles of protection. they might help
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Re: Past life reading..
Post # 5
a good reason for this may be that the tarot cards and/or dream magick is actually telling you something about your past lives, but you are not seeing the meaning behind what is being said. in your dream you saw a "bad witch", however instead of that literally being your profession it could have been symbolic, if your card for your occupation was the magician reversed you could take the two things together to determine that your job was that of some one who deceives others, or caused them trouble or strife...occupations such as a thief, bad politician, hitman, etc.
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