Looking for a Priestess

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Forums -> Covens -> Looking for a Priestess

Looking for a Priestess
Post # 1
As of right now the priestess (goddess bless her soul) is ill and has been offline for over 3 months.

I am Looking for a new priestess to take her place.

If you are interested please post here a little bit about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit.

ps. I would like to see applicants with a somewhat large posting history if possible.
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Re: Looking for a Priestess
Post # 2
IS it mandatory that the person must be a priestess.What if you get a genuine wizard specialized in any kind of love spells with a 23 yrs working experience?
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Re: Looking for a Priestess
Post # 3
this is for the post of Practical Witches Priestess
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Re: Looking for a Priestess
Post # 4
lol Well I hope Aelwyn feels better, the sweet heart she is I'd hate to see us lose her as a Priestess, and I'm not even in that coven. |)
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Re: Looking for a Priestess
Post # 5
As you can see my name is Drakkenwitch and I am the Priestess of the coven
''Spirit Seers'' as well as a Moderator on this site and the site owner of Spirit
Seers Coven which is my link on my website blog here on my profile..For anyone
interested in checking out my site, Just click on My website blog and it will take
you directly to my site.

My Site: My site is a branch off of my Coven here on this site, We have Classrooms
and Qualified Teachers who have 5 years or more experience.

I DO NOT read messages sent to me that do not have a subject title to them as I
figure that if you are to lazy to take the extra 3 minutes to add a subject title then
it isn't worth my time reading or writing a reply so they are deleted and not read.
If you have a legitimate question then please make sure you add the subject title
and I will be glad to help you and If I am unable to answer your question I will tell
you who to contact that could possibly help you.

As for my Personality..I am a very Out Spoken and Honest Person and I don't have
time for games or foolishness. So please do not contact me saying you are a God/
Goddess/Prince/Vampyre/Werewolf/Mermaid because I do not Tollerate Role Players
or Fluffies at all.

As for Casting/Writing Spells: I do not cast spells nor will I write spells for anyone,
But I do not mind helping you learn to write spells if you need help.

About me: I am an Empath,Medium and Channeler, I also do Tarot Readings.
I do not mind helping anyone to expand their knowledge or learn the truth
as well as I am always willing to learn myself.. So I read alot and Study all I can
but always willing to read new lessons and post to learn..

Tarot Readings: First you must know that I do not at anytime force a reading
from my Tarot cards, I am an Over the road Truck driver so sometimes it takes
me time to be able to get back on the internet to reply and send you your reading.
If you wish a reading from me then please log onto my site and post a request on
the tarot request forum and I will be glad to get back to you as soon as I can.

''Note'' When making a Tarot Reading Request please add the following information
only, I don't need alot of information as it influences the reading and may cause a
false reading so if you send alot of information I will not even bother to reply to your
request nor will I do a reading for you..

Reading Information:

General/Specific Question
If you have a Specific question please just post the question and not alot of information
with it..

(Wrong) I would like a reading..My girlfriend and I broke up and I want to know if she
is seeing someone else or if she loves me and if we will get back together.

(Correct) I would like a reading. Specific Question, Is my Girlfriend and I getting back together?

Thank you for Taking the time to read my Profile and Blessed Be for a Wonderful Day and may
the God/Goddesses bless you with Happiness,Love, and Peace.
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Re: Looking for a Priestess
Post # 6
I believe that should just about cover anything you want to know about me..
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Re: Looking for a Priestess
Post # 7
I would just like to add one more thing about you Drakkenwitch. You really care about your coven and do everything in your power to make us a family.
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Re: Looking for a Priestess
Post # 8
the position of both priest and priestess has been taken by Adina and myself.

Practical witches is already a tightly knit family, but if your interested in joining a family open to everyone, please message Adina77 or myself.
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