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Empower your tools
Post # 1
I used this for my Athame. You'll need:
1 red candle
2 white
dragons blood incense
Small cord or string

You bind power into the cord which becomes strung on your tool as a decoration.

1.Put the red candle in the middle of the altar with the two white by its sides. Incense to the left.

2.Open the circle.

3.Light the red candle then the white ones.
"I come before the (gods, god, or any specific god), to consecrate this athame.
And by this insence (light it) may my prayers be carried up by the wind."

4.Tie the cord to the athames pomel.
Tie any style of knot you like out some distance.
"By knot one let truth be sung."

5.Tie another under it.
"By knot two let good energies run true"

6.Tie another under.
"By knot three let justice reign free."

7.Tie a knot under it to secrue it while saying..
"Give this (athame) divine life, so mote it be."

8.Pass it through the smoke.

9.Give it a name if you never have before. Otherwise use its normal name.
"Its name is/shall be _______"
If your now giving it a name you can decide before hand or let it come to you at this point.

10.Put out the candles with the tool. Sheath it if its an athame or do whatever else is appropriate.

11. Put out the incense and give thanks.

12.Close the circle.
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Re: Empower your tools
Post # 2
Great post. I am wondering about why the candles are put in there. Also next time it would be nice to include some sort of example of the visualization you use, but just a thought.
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Re: Empower your tools
Post # 3
Good point. I used red for power and white for purity.
And visualized each candle giving a blessing of colored energy as I put them out. I should also say my cord was red.
The smoke also gives it power from the dragons blood herb. You might visualize impurities leaving at this point.

To elaborate further, giving it a name gives it more personality and power. As on step 7, divine life.

Thank you for your help. Im gonna be compiling a grimoire shortly so I thought id test out some instructions first for feedback.
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