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Post # 1
I have heard that Birch trees are the best wood for wands but i dont know if thaat is true or not?please reply
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Re: Wands
Post # 2
yeah they are, but what also are good are fruit trees, because we have such a close connection to them
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Re: Wands
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Misc Topics.
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Re: Wands
Post # 4
Well it depends upon the usage of the wand and your individual connection with the tree as well as your individual attributes associated with it.
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Re: Wands
Post # 5
I personally like maple. It is very direct and good for travel.
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Re: Wands
Post # 6
Connection to a tree bahahaha

why do people claim to be connected to inanimate objects.

and how does the object connect to you ?

can it really feel if you pull a branch off :)

does the tree have a soul and how does it express it through you.

why do people use toilet papper if they are concerned by killing trees ?
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Re: Wands
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Tree's are not inanimate objects they are living breathing beings. If they were inanimate then they would be man made like plastic right? Yes I believe tree's have souls I have a tree I connected with where I use to live. If you touch a tree and really tune into it and listen you will hear it and feel it.
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Re: Wands
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
I am a tree hugging dirt worshiper that loves to wipe their but with the extra fluffy stuff. To understand why I love trees so much you need to educate yourself on the importance of trees. Not only do they provide us with oxygen, shade, homes for out little friends/sometimes meals, they also provide us with many things after they have been cut down. Paper, furniture, homes, fuel, pencils, and magical items. Respect for the tree is important if you will ever be able to speak with it. Though to an uneducated person it might seem that a tree or the earth can not speak this is false information. Trees have a life force (the reason that they grow) This life force can be felt and heard if you take the time to open your third eye and listen.

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Re: Wands
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
If you believe that a tree is inanimate, in the sense that it does not move, that maybe true.But remember that a tree is a plant; a living breathing entity.Yes, we do cut down trees for the benefit of humanity; so long as we do it with respect, and don't cut trees down just for the hell of it, that would seem to be okay. Does it damage the tree by breaking a branch? Well, it grows scar tissue!
Can a plant feel? Hold a candle flame close to a house-plant and watch it.
To make your wand, stand close to the tree for a while (10-15 minutes) and absorb the spirit of the tree. In your mind, or even out loud, ask the tree if you may cut a small twig. Cut it clean, don't break it. Holding the twig with both hands, thank the tree.Again in your mind, or out loud.
Do you think that the tree cannot help you ? (apart from shade!) Sit on the ground with your back resting against the tree. Close your eyes. Relax. You will soon start to feel peaceful, and free from stress.
Here in the UK (don't know about other countries) we have a Forestry Commission, and the policy is that for every tree cut down, two are planted. It is also illegal to cut down any tree without permission of the Forestry Commission.
And after writing all the above, must you have a wand? Yes, if it helps your "mood", but your Athame would work just as well.
I remember many years ago asking my witch teacher, Mrs Marshall, if a wand was necessary. She laughed, and said, "Oh, sorcerers and wizards in fancy robes like to have wands. Some witches like to have a wand, some do not."
Mrs Marshall didn't!
Bright Blessings.
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Re: Wands
Post # 10
Well different woods have different magickal properties, I don't think any one type is neccesarily better than the other, it just depends on what you want the wand for, or which type you feel you best connect with:



ROWAN - sacred to capricorn.

Rowan is known for it's powers of bestowing and enhancing life. It has been considered the enemy of all evil witchery. A tree of astral vision and protection, particularly good for warding off evil spirits. Especially suited for magick giving form and order, ritual, growth, fertility, protection, poetry , and dragon magick.

ASH - sacred to virgo.

Associated with planet Mercury of intellect and reason. In Norse myth Ash appears as Yggdrasil ( the world tree), in this respect it is the pathway or bridge by means of which the wizard may travel among the worlds. It is a wood of balance and the marriage of opposites. Well suited for shamanic magick, protection, and to enhance ones skills at any art or craft, magick of wells and caves, working with herbs, magick of horses, oceans, conquest, justice, and weatherworking.


Elm is sacred to the godess in her form as wise grandmother. Elm's spirit is majestic and expansive, rooted and wise. Well suited to magick of earth and invocation of the goddess, healing, fertility, rebirth, destiny, wisdom, matamorphosi, and endurance.


HAWTHORN. - sacred to Aquarius

A tree of defence with its twisted branches and sharp thorns, it also holds the power of lightning. Some loremasters say it can detect the presence of magick because it is a tree in which magickal powers enter the manifest world from beyond. Well suited for all protective magick, magick aimed at strengthening ones magickal poers, spells of control, or warding, sending, detection, concealment, weatherworking, and protection against lightning and evil spirits.

LILAC - sacred to gemini

Lilac brings the energy of root expansion and growth, that underlies intellectual and spiritual prosperity. It has the mysteries of gifts and giftedness, talent, and the communication of love through delight, sexual pleasure, and mystic union. Well suited to magick of union, attraction, enhancement of sexual pleasure, intellectual pursuits, imagination, mental concentration, travel, illusion, detection and divination.

HAZEL - sacred to Libra.

Hazelnuts feed the salmon of wisdom in its deep pool. Hazel wood is imbued with magickal power, and the hazelnut is also connected magickally to the heart chakra. Well suited to magick of wisdom, beauty, love, stars, navigation and creativity.


Cedar is a wood of protection and preservation, and is especially powerful for clearing negativity from an area prior to magickal work. Especially suited to preservation of sacred places, forests and groves. dedication of sacred space for worship and magick, star magick, and summoning of helpful spirits.


Often associated with the faerie realms, well suited to faerie magick, travel, illumination, enhancing any skill, love , harmony, beauty, harvest , magick of divine, shamanic madness, or visionary experience.


sacred to mercury, spirit of intellect, thought, and communication, master of magick, incantations, and runes. He is also the psychopomp, guide of souls from one world to the next. As such the yew bears power over travel between the worlds. It is the tree of the seer, and healer in druid traditon. Well suited to spells of transformation, and transfiguration, illusion, astral travel, mediumism, necromancy, conjuration of helpful spirits, guides and ancestors, also spells to bestow knowledge, eloquence, or persuasion.


OAK - sacred to leo

Most powerful and sacred of druid woods, it holds the power to draw lightning or the bolt of inspiration. As one of the longest lived trees it embodies great wisdom and strength. As the wizard wood, there is no more magickal wood for wandmaking and it is especially noted for enhancing the endurance of spells against time, and counterspell.
The acorn is associated magickally with a helmeted head and so to the crown chakra.
Well suited to magick of kingship, and wise rule, personal sovereignty, authority, power, protection, sealing or opening doors, endurance, and invocation of wisdom, fertilty, and abundance.

HOLLY - sacred to aries.

Holly is one of the most fiery of woods, second only to the oak for its sacred regard to the druids.
Holly has een regarded as a powerful protective wood, good against evil spirits, poisons, angry elementals, and lightning.
Also associated with dream magick, and fertility. Well suited for any magick dealing with the overthrow of old authorities, success in business or endeavors, spells seeking progress to a new stage of development.


ELDER - sacred to pisces.

Associated with astral protection, and deep wisdom found in dreams. It can protect one from the emotions of others, especially anger. Well suited to protection against drowning and death, death curses and shielding against them, shielding against all ill-omens and destructive emotions, cultivation of the vision of inner and outer worlds, bridging of the above and below, preparation for conflict, shielding against unwanted intrusions from beyond.


Is a tree of beginnings. Birch is a wood with great powers to purify and discipline. It is linked to youth and all things new. Well suited to magick of new beginnings, spells of youth, and fresh starts, bardic enchantment, creativity, procreation, renewal, and rebirth, purification, and spells for discipline, and service.


A tree of emotion, love, intuition, and poetic inspiration. It is especially suited to works of the New moon, magick related to cycles of fertlity, or creativity, spells of glamour, and bewitchment, change, relationships, and female rites of passage.
The Dark moon is the time best suited for spells of dissolving and banishment, the time to get rid of habits no longer serving a good purpose in your life. Traditionally associated with witches, willow is the perfect wood wand for ''drawing down the moon'', and for spells intended to remove pain and give comfort.

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