Unbinding two souls-

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Unbinding two souls-

Unbinding two souls-
Post # 1
What do you call it if you want to separate two spirits who actually are very intertwined spiritually. If two souls are spiritually connected and all of a sudden they are distant from each other.

I have a friend and we have know each other for 9 years, I recently got a photo reading of my friend, and I was told someone is keeping my friend away from me, they are stopping him from talking with me. It is a male and female, who I know that practices black magic. Is there a spell to find out who has done this spiritual separation. We are very interdependence, somewhat alike, my friend is a scorpio and I am a pisces. My friend knows how I think. I don't know if he knows if this has been done to him.

At first he was very talkative and chatty with me, then all of a sudden his choice of words changed, he would always speak out to me first, and sometimes I would speak to him first. Now his words are short and strange: For example when I ask how has he been he uses the same choice of words, Pretty good and yourself, he never used to talk like that. When I look at his picture I get these very weird vibrations, and when he does call it is static on the phone or we get cut off, and I tell him that he can call me back.

He has told me somethings and I whenever he does call, I feel like he wants to tell me something but something is holding him back. He always sounds sad on the phone. I can send you his picture if anyone wants to see what he looks like and picks up what I pick up. A psychic has told me that we have been separated from each other, a woman has separated us,(this woman is older than both of us) and in the picture reading I was told the same thing. Another medium says that he is weak, and I know that is not good emotionally if someone is very weak.

In one phone meeting he said he was very tired, it was short a brief and he asked if he could call me back he never did. I feel like I need to help him, and sometimes I know I pick up on his spirit. I want to reverse what has been done to him and me
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Re: Unbinding two souls-
Post # 2
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Re: Unbinding two souls-
Post # 3
i know someone who can help you find out on something like that, he has done it for my friend in the past, what he really did for me was a love spell and a job spell that both worked i dont know anything about magic and how to cast spells though but i will love to learn this person i am talking about doesnt teach people.
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Re: Unbinding two souls-
Post # 4
How much does he charge? Are there consequences to this? I have never did dealt with spells before?
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