what kind of stones???

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Forums -> Magic Items -> what kind of stones???

what kind of stones???
Post # 1
i have all these stones that were given to me but i dont know the name of all of them and what they are used for i know i have red jasper rose quartz quartz moonstone and amethyst
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Re: what kind of stones???
Post # 2
jasper red is good for balancing emotions and fighting depression, rose quartz is good for true love; either romanically or among friends and family members, quartz is good for balance and purity, and amethyst is good for fighting mental attacks and for physic awareness. I dont know about the moonstone but I hope this helps :D
Blessed be,
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Re: what kind of stones???
Post # 3
thanks ali
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Re: what kind of stones???
Post # 4
moonstone helps you do spells that you do on a full moon
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Re: what kind of stones???
Post # 5
moonstone becomes more powerful around the time of the full moon for stuff like psychic work and increasing intuition. i have read it is more powerful for women but ive found it works for me just fine.
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Re: what kind of stones???
Post # 6
Heres is some info and correspondes for the stones you have mentioned taken from my personal copy of The Essential crystal handbook by Simon and Sue lilly.

Red Jasper

Keywords......Practical, Grounding, Repairing

Magic.........Traditionlly was believed to protect from the effects of snake bites and other posions.

Provides unique solutions to practical problems.

Healing Functions......Gently grounds helps to focus on the practicalities of life.

Encourages enthusiasm and drive.

Acts as a steadying anchor when psychic work is undertaken.

Nurtures any damaged areas of the body aiding recovery and repair.

Rose Quartz, emotion, release

Magic.........Fosters an appreaciation of beauty inspires feelings of love and friendship.

Healing Fuctions......Rapidly releases emotional stress - the effect is so intense it can be uncomfortable(to avoid this, balance with grounding stones)

Uncovers the underlying causes of other problems, such as a negative self-image.


Keywords......Emotional Balance, Release, Empathy, Femininity

Magic........Attues us to the cycles of time.

Harnessess the power of the moon and water.

Conveys goddess energy.

Associated with fertility, flow and growth.

Healing Functions.......Balances the body's blood and lymph systems(aspects influenced by the element water)

Relieves indigestion, especially if stress-related.

Stabilizes the emotions and releases tension.

Helps us to empathize with other beings.

Enchances intution and imagination.

Clear Quartz

keywords......Brightening, Organizing, Amplifying

Magic........Amplifies the energies of other stones if placed nearby.

Helps to reaveal the truth.

Used for divination and scrying.

Healing Functions.......Amplifies and strenghthens the whole aura.

Cleanses and shifts energy.

Releases blocked emotions and helps to bring about calm increases clarity of thought and sharpness of perception.

Brings spiritual peace - ideal for meditation and contemplation.


Keywords........Integration, Spiritual Calm, Healing

Magic.......Helps to maintain equilbrium in all situations.

Balances polarities.

Healing Fuctions.......Encourages self-control.

Calms harsh emotions and brings stability.

Helps practical applications of imagination
aids meditation and sleep.

Love and Light

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Re: what kind of stones???
Post # 7
i have that book. its great althou it doesnt have the wider range of crystals that the crystal bible has.
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