Unfortunate love for me

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Unfortunate love for me

Unfortunate love for me
Post # 1
There's this bitch at my school who started witchcraft just to break up me and my girlfriend (who we actually planned to get married) and she has been harassing me and cussing at me and all this crap for years. So I was thinking that the worst curse is to have so much love for a person that you would give your life for her and she doesn't even like you. So I want to cast a spell on her that will make her have so much lust for me and get more and more lust everyday and I'll be watching her life be torn apart because she has so much guilt for treating me bad for so long. Basically, all I'm asking for is for a love spell that doesn't require any hard to find stuff (cus I'm new and don't even have a wand).
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Re: Unfortunate love for me
Post # 2
First off, this is a curse. Plain and simple. It brings a lot of bad karma and will bring the three fold law against you for casting it in case you do choose to follow anyones curse suggestions.

Second off her trying to break up you and your girlfriend is her trying to change free will. The curses she's casting WILL NOT break the two of you up and WILL NOT have any effect on your relationship UNLESS you two let it have an effect on you. She will essentially let you two destroy your own relationship through no doing of her own because you two decided to let some confused and clearly undereducated young woman attempt to curse your relationship.

As a final note you also cant make her lust for you. Once again who she lusts for (seemingly uncontrollable to her or otherwise) is free will. She will have the free will to have any sort of lust for anyone she wants and it will not change even if you try to have the ability to bend free will. Something that isn't possible for any of us and definitely wont be possible for you no matter what you try or how long you have been practicing. I'd start getting used to that idea early on.

In the mean time turn her rather poor attempt at a curse into a joke. If your still worried about it do a protection spell for yourself and let the negative energy she has bounce off. No matter what don't let some random girl who has no clue what shes doing destroy your clearly good relationship.
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Re: Unfortunate love for me
Post # 3
these thing happens all the time and i am it is always painful it happened to me in a different dimention, my husband didnt have job again, lost his job and we became poor so i met an online spell caster who is good at what he do, although i was scammers variously before i met him but thats a different story so he cast a spell for my husband, and he got a job a spell for me and i got a job too, things were going smoothly until my husband got promoted and his new secretary started the drama in my family and i was losing my husband eventually moved out and i was all alone with the kids, i went back to the spell caster who cast another spell this time a love spell to bring him back to me, he came back to me and now we are in love more than ever before. and you know all these talks about karma and all started getting me scared but its been 5years now and everything is going ever smoothly, we moved out when my husband was transfered. so i think karma is a state of mind,
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Re: Unfortunate love for me
Post # 4
I agree about curses. I believe the best curse you can put on this girl is to marry your girlfriend. That will prove to her that her curses on both of you have no effect on the love that you have for your girlfriend.
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