Paranormal Activity

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Paranormal Activity
Post # 1
I thought this would go for a go discussion. What is everyone's thoughts on this movie? I know many people thought of this movie as silly and fake and such. Yes it not real footage, quite obviously. But the creaters of this film got quite a few things correct. And if you do your research based on what they give you in the movie, for example the claw marks, the footprints, the bite mark, etc you can figure out WHO is messing with Katie.

So based on what they have shown I have figured out that it is the demon Pazuzu. He has wings, sharp needle like teeth, claws, wings, and feet like that of a bird. You can find a picture if you look in a search engine type in Pazuzu and look at images, they have statues that you can see.

Now I saw this movie in theatres, and after I saw I have felt a presence, I know for a fact it was not him BUT I did feel something. I just watched this movie on my tv at home, I bought the DVD, and it is just me and my 2 month old sleeping daughter in the house.
As I was watching it was towards the end of the movie and my tv kept turning off and then turning back on. Throughout the entire movie a message kept coming onto the screen that said "No sync. Signal" which only happens if we have the tv on but not the DVD player or anything. After the movie ended the TV kept turning on and off rapidly, and then my door knob started to shake as if someone was trying to come in but the door was locked.
Now I've had MANY experiences with the supernatural so I'm not so much scared, I just wanted to hear other people's experiences and thoughts and critics from this movie.
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Re: Paranormal Activity
Post # 2
i started watching but i gave up on it, rly boring, seemed to me like they just filmed a ghost haunting her in the house, pretty boring, maybe because i have many experiences with ghosts.
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Re: Paranormal Activity
Post # 3
I also saw it, and it was pretty slow and boring.
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Re: Paranormal Activity
Post # 4
I saw the movie when it first came out. A guy took me on a movie date and he'd bought tickets to it before I got there. For me being sensitive to the spirit would in general it was more of a slow movie than it was exiting. I was honestly glad I hadn't paid for my ticket. I definitely wont be seeing the second one.
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Re: Paranormal Activity
Post # 5
I actually really enjoyed the movie only because it wasn't as "Hollywood" as many others and had a lot real facts and such.
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