Angry from Ignorance

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Forums -> Comments -> Angry from Ignorance

Angry from Ignorance
Post # 1
A lot of debate is found on this site. Most of it is about whether or not some forms of species exist! Others are about inactive covenants or even a simple spell. So heres a FAQ that Id like to post.

Are there spells that work instantly?

YES!! Though very small, there are some spells that take only an instant for results. Other more complicated spells take from days to months to work! (Depending of course on the difficulty and expected result). What does get me angry is when someone comes on saying that "OH THIS SPELL DIDNT WORK!!" Did you do it correctly? How long ago was it that you did the spell? Where you sure that it was going to work in the first place? If you are one of these people PLEASE go over these questions every time you cast a spell without results or don't even bother at all.

Is there a spell for Immortality?

No. Your physical self cannot be altered by the means of Magick. Your soul, however, is Immortal already so there is really no need for it. Now, if you have an attachment with this world and don't wish to leave it Im sorry but you really need to get a grip and take death as an inevitability. (For all of those who disagree on this, PLEASE send me proof and I will gladly apologies to everyone who reads this personally).

How do I become a Mermaid/Vampire/Lycan?

YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT EVER BE ABLE TO ALTER YOUR PHYSICAL FORM BY MEANS OF MAGICK!! PLEASE STOP ASKING THIS!! The only thing that could possibly make you a "Vampire" is if you actually drank others blood. Stop going about with fake vampire teeth from HT! Real "Vampires" are people who don't go out in the day due to a hate (and I mean DETEST) of sunlight, and drink peoples blood as a fetish. Some even use nail-files to sharpen their teeth (DO NOT TRY THIS IT WILL RUIN YOUR TEETH). As for Lycan, well I myself am part of a "pack" that likes to meet in the woods and talk about certain things. We have an Alpha (Leader) and three out of the 8 members have pet husky/wolf mutts (yes they do look like real wolves but they're actually guard dogs). This is the only way I can really tell of any form of Lycan. If you want to be a mermaid well... Just face-palm yourself right now.

Are all spells posted on this site Real?

NO!! A lot of fakers like to come on here boasting about how they have all this power and how they are willing to teach it to others. You can watch to see if its fake by simply looking at the rating. If its 4+ its probably ok to try. If its less, don't even bother.

Any more questions you'd like to ask? Got any smart remarks to make about what I had to say? Please feel free to reply to this thread or even message me! Ill be glad to set things straight :)

Merry Met and Blessed Be
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Re: Angry from Ignorance
Post # 2
There is actually a way to be immortal that I thought up at one point...there is also the possibility that in the future we will know how to manipulate the body to such a point that we can easily keep the body running as long as the individual cells are not harmed.

As for vampires, it is something that drains life out of you. Since life requires energy and resources, a vampire could be one that drains energy and/or resources out of you...not an impossible feat for most of those who wish to be vampires. Its called psi vampires and mental and emotional vampires. I personally don't enjoy sunlight, and yes in the past I have taken energy from people without asking...does that make me a vampire? Nope. Just a average person, as all ''vampires'' are.

As for ''lycans'' you and your ''pack'' are cursed then? A lycan is a person who was cursed and changes on the full moon into something other than human. I think this would be more of a curse that would make you act like you were a wolf or werewolf-like than anything else.

A ''werewolf'' however could easily be one who has a wolf soul, or has a particular connection to wolves. I don't know much about this myself, but ask around and I am sure one of the shamans here know on some level. Lol.

As for becoming what you aren't in general...ever stop to think that since we are our higher selves and they us that we can be a wolf or a vampiric creature or a mermaid? With gods and goddesses and angels and demons and concepts all being higher you honestly believe it is beyond us to have other kinds?

As for 4+ being a indication of a spell being okay... 84&coven=6 4&coven=6 08&coven=6 98&coven=6 pells/7673/page.html pells/2002/page.html pells/3062/page.html pells/7163/page.html

There are many many others which are rated four or above that can easily be seen as roleplay if you know what you are doing. Also, some of the lower level spells are useful, its honestly being smart enough to navigate and decide with common sense which is useful and which is fake.

As for setting things straight, make sure you have them straight before you assume you know. ;)
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Re: Angry from Ignorance
Post # 3
I agree with Mew to a degree. Everything she has said is correct, however she, and sorry mew, you know I love ya, has her terms backwards as far as I know, werewolves and lycans are the opposite of what she said. it is the werewolf that is the shape shifter and the lycan that has the kinship with the wolf.
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Re: Angry from Ignorance
Post # 4
So I am somehow to blame because I happen to like fangs and choose to wear them? Does that automatically make me a roleplayer cause I happen to like a cosmetic product?

Also the ratings don't matter. Stupidity is popular.

Feel free to ignore me, but you seem rather much of a hipocrit. Have you even stopped to talk to anyone or did you simply post? Hhhhmmm? Research you know prevents you from being ingorant.
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Re: Angry from Ignorance
Post # 5
Mew- You can never be physically Immortal, its IMPOSSIBLE! Please don't come at me with the idea of "Oh you can spiritually leave a piece of yourself here" That doesn't matter. It isn't YOU in general. When I posted the YOU CANT BE IMMORTAL I was speaking to the general audience of people that come to keep their physical form forever and never dieing. YOU start completely on a different subject. Same goes for when you talked about Vampires. I was speaking of the blood sucking to stay young forever kind of Vampire. I never said anything about PSI vampires or anything like that! As for the Werewolf/Lycan thing, you did get your terms mixed up and once you do put them back into place you may finally understand what I posted (Or maybe not, I honestly don't care for your words anymore).
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Re: Angry from Ignorance
Post # 6
You want people to take you seriously, I highly suggest ridding yourself of this resounding attitude that you seem to have in this post that, as far as I can tell, is completely unnecessary.

It doesn't matter what you meant to say and hoped people would be psychic enough to figure out the exact meaning said immortality is impossible. It is not. It is impossible physically, but the soul is in fact immortal. This is not a change of subject, it is clarifying what has been misrepresented.

You do not become a vampire by "drinking blood". If that was true, every time I kissed a bloody scrap of my childs knee or elbow, I'd be classified as one. What you are describing is a lifestyle that someone chooses to be part of. Further definition of what an actual vamp is has already been said by Mew.

I wouldn't suggest telling people to "face-palm" when the "only way" you can tell if someone is a lycan is if they sit in the woods with a bunch of friends and own husky/wolf hybrids. Honestly has nothing to do with it what so ever.

I can write a completely bogus spell, rate it a 5, have everyone I know rate it a 5 and guess what? Stars or not it's still going to be a bogus spell.

Moderators and Editors are working to fix this, however your criteria is beyond off.

You may have been speaking "in general" to a specific type of person who comes to this site, however, everyone else who belongs to this site and see's the limitations of your explanations is also allowed to speak on this thread.

There's no crime in expanding knowledge.
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Re: Angry from Ignorance
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I understand your position on being angry at many posts, but remember there are many misguided people, and people misguiding. Sometimes we should not say things without really understanding, and that is what happens with the terms you referred to.
Remember there are people with different opinions, and beliefs for example, many people do believe in physical inmortality, although I seriously do not account for mermaid spells at all, but that's just my common sense talking.
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Re: Angry from Ignorance
Post # 8
I would say that "instant" spells are more along the lines of rituals, where you can feel the energy being raised and the purpose is immeadiate. Ie spirit evocation or a specific cleansing or energy invoking exercise.

There is, in my mind at least, room for physical immortality in magic. Though I once considered the idea appealing, I no longer believe it would be very positive. I prefer my soul to be immortal, and have accepted that my flesh will not last forever.
It would be nice to see more acknowledge this, especially would be necromancers.

I agree with Mew when it comes to your definition of vampires, people with a blood fetish and a sanguine vampire are not the same. Actual blood (or psi) vampires are spiritually unable to produce the proper flow of internal energy that keeps us going, and more often then not have irreperiable damage to the etheric body and systems. People with a blood fetish Really like the taste for their own reasons and beliefs.
Lycans, to me, are a form of "otherkin"; people who acknowledge physical humanity while maintaining that their soul is the soul of a beast or non human. Occasionally their senses are enhanced by this primal connection (smell,hearing, ect) but I believe that is the extent. I do not believe one can be transformed into something they are not already. We are who and What we are. No more, no less. And yet see the lack of gratitude for our own forms and lives..

As for the final statement, nothing in life should be taken without a pinch of salt. I believe the saying goes "believe half of what you read, and none of what you hear."

I also believe that the nature of this thread has become somewhat hostile, and I hope that the tone can become more positive to prevent it being locked to preserve the peace.

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Re: Angry from Ignorance
Post # 9
I agree with Mew
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