A.P Travel Querry?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> A.P Travel Querry?

A.P Travel Querry?
Post # 1
Is there anyone on here that I can mail a couple of questions to?

My posts seem to go ignored, although I have no idea why, but I have a couple of serious inquiry's. If you don't know the answer, a simple 'I don't know' will suffice, but at least the possibility of getting even one question answered improves the odds of an answer to what I have now, which is null!

I really appreciate anyone's help.
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Re: A.P Travel Querry?
Post # 2
Firstly you must remember that we all have other things going on in our lifes, school,Jobs,kids, different time zones etc and not all questions may be answered straight away also we do not all have the same knowledge.
My knowledge of A.P is limited and very basic.

Secondly With your Wild A.P Travel post started on 30th sept 2010 you received 1 reply. that is not being ignored, and it seems to be the only only post I can find that you started.

Thirdly you are a Council member in your own coven in which case you should be more knowledgeable than others, and maybe you should ask your priest or priestess for the information you need if you cant find it any where else.

There are forums that answer questions to and explain about astral projection througout the site if you type in astral projection in the search bar on this site it will come up with different ones to search through, It may or may not answer what questions you have.

Love and Light
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Re: A.P Travel Querry?
Post # 3
Yes, I am also one of those 'busy' people. Hopefully someone with advanced skills in A.P travel will come along.

Yes, I did receive one answer from a very gracious member, and many of the other posts have more than one answer, so I was wondering why I was not receiving as many. It will possibly determine whether I will post on this forum again or will refrain. (Perhaps insight into why there is a lack of participation in general as the pattern of inactivity seems to be). Yes, it is the only post I have made in this public area. I did post an intro when I first joined, and received no answers, although the others around me had more than 2 replies, so I deleted it. I'm quite reserved about making any public posts at all, in this general area now.

My coven is not related to A.P travel, and ,again, this forum is open to anyone for posting. Being in a coven or council does not disclude me or anyone from posting in the general area. It is open to anyone.

My question is quite an advanced inquiry, which is why I am seeking out help from a large pool of members. To improve the odds of help.

ANY council member having a question regarding a magick topic does not mean they are not knowledgeable. This is supposedly a place of growth and learning, and regardless of a high level of skill and ability, everyone, yes even a Priest or Priestess may still be walking a learning path!! Council and high level practitioners are not immune from learning and developing!! I am extremely advanced in my particular area and abilities, but I AM NOT an expert at everything, and will never claim to be! There is no *Learning Cap* at which once you reach, you officially know now everything! lol NO ONE has divine knowledge ;-)

I also have no problem seeking help from others, as I am always there to offer help, if and when I can.

Your suggestion to look at other sources for information, was done. I looked through all the A.P Travel links in a search on this entire forum. There is NO information regarding what I am inquiring about, as it is very specific to me and most likely not a 'text book' case occurrence.

I don't think anyone has to defend their posting topics to other members. This is a discussion forum.

Blessed Be
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Re: A.P Travel Querry?
Post # 4
In no way did I mean for you to take the offensive to my reply I as only stating other ways for you to find help.
sometimes posts get lost under relpies to other posts and get overlooked hence why some dont get as much replies as others.

Love and Light
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Re: A.P Travel Querry?
Post # 5
I am willing to aid you to the best of my ability if you would like to ask your questions.
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Re: A.P Travel Querry?
Post # 6
Point taken Opal...thank you :-)

And Raven thank you so much !! I will mail you then. I appreciate your offer.
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