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Post # 1
I was wondering when is the best time to see fairies? a while ago, I searched and found some. I have a relitive who has 10 acres of forest, and a beautiful lake in the middle. That's where I found them, but it was such a long walk :/. It's a little chillier now, so could I still see some in fall?
When is the best time to go look? Should I bring anything to help me? I heared that a stone with a hole in it helps, but I think it would be hard to walk up and down hills with a stone in front of my eye.
I think I am going to her house tonight after work. Sorry, fairies are my obsession since I saw them last.

Also what are your expiriances with fairies?
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Re: Fairies
Post # 2
dusk,it's when they cross the veil back to the world of faeries
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Re: Fairies
Post # 3
Dawn and Dusk (as above mentioned the veils are thinnest at these times)

Also these holidays:

Yule (winter solstice)
Imbolc (Feb 2)
Ostara (Spring Equinox)
Beltain (may 1)
Litha (summer solstice)
Lughnasadh (Aug 2)
Mabon (Autumn Equinox)
Samhain (Oct 31) *When the veil is at its thinnest

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Re: Fairies
Post # 4
Since you have already seen them this tidbit won't help quite as much, but it might help others also seeking to see them.

Faeries are very sensitive creatures that don't like showing themselves to mankind because they have witnessed the destruction we have caused to many of Nature's creatures; likely destroying their homes as well. Therefore we need to be pure of heart seeking them out. Also beware of searching out the Faeries (search Sidhe for more celtic references of the Faerie folk) because some of them can be quite the pranksters.
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Re: Fairies
Post # 5
There are 2 Fairy Courts, Seelie and Unseelie. Seelie are lawful and often good, Unseelie is the reverse, chaotic and often evil. The Courts switch half way through the year. On October 31st, during the Festival of Samahain, the Unseelie come into rule. On May 1st, the Festival of Beltane, the Seelie come into rule. So if your wanting to meet a fairy that probably wont try to hurt you, look anytime between May 2nd and October 30th to be safe. If you WANT to look for dark fairies which are more commonly in our world at the time, search from November 1st through the last day of April.

Depending on the types of fairies you want to meet, be it Trolls, Pixies, Pookahs, Will-o-the-Whisps, Sprites or even Goblins (there's more types than that but that's just brief examples), then you can message me for more information if you want. Or I could post them here.

: As a side note the Unseelie have been known to be the main supporters in the Changeling Trades throughout the Ages.
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Re: Fairies
Post # 6
I'm hoping to bring this Forum back, it's a strange and beautiful world out there. The one of the Fae folk.
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