AP,dream problems ?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> AP,dream problems ?

AP,dream problems ?
Post # 1
After my experiences with the astral i noticed some second effects of some sort like:nightmares i am not asleep neither awake but i feel so much pain like it was real in the same time i try to open my eyes but i can't move and when i close them it starts again and i am like chained to the bed,or sometimes i just wake up take a breath and then fall asleep,is there any connection to the astral projection?
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Re: AP,dream problems ?
Post # 2
Vepper....when I did my AP travel last night, I did call a protection circle first. I wonder if that might help you to do first.
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Re: AP,dream problems ?
Post # 3

When you cant move it helps to try to move you toes and that will help snap you back into yourself.
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Re: AP,dream problems ?
Post # 4
There can be a connection to your spritual/psychic development and nightmares, since you have gone a step forward in success with AP (astral projection). "Some studies show that people who are more sensitive, intuitive, creative, or imaginative are more prone to have nightmares. This may be because they are more empathetic and more in tune with their surroundings." Usually spiritual development causes someone to become more in tune with the Univers, more intuitive, etc. For example, the brow chakra makes you more intuitive and creative.

Source of quote: m

Some causes also may be if you do not have good mental health or if you have taken any kind of drug as a "spiritual short cut" because they disable your reality filter and you absorb anything, which is a great chance for bad energy to get into your head. The long way helps prevent that bad energy because you will have more control.

Also your chakras can be out of balance. For example my brow chakra was once overactive and I had night terrors (not a typo for nightmares). Here is a great site that has great information on balancing them: p
(this link is a chakra test)
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Re: AP,dream problems ?
Post # 5
Also try and research sleep paralysis.
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