revange spell

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revange spell
Post # 1
well im terribly depressed everyone at school bullies me n now they want me 2 kill myself,and i actualy was gona do it.
but im tired listen to them they bullied me 4 all my life now its time for them 2 pay.
plez give me a good revange spell to burn them with fire or whatever i need revange n a hex isint good enough for them they deserve the worst i want them to suffer what they made me go through

plez help me get a good spell
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Re: revange spell
Post # 2
I'm sorry no one has gotten back sooner! I am thinking, reading what you have written, and your account name "lonelygirl" and the fact that you are asking for a revenge spell when there is a whole section of them on the site that you have signed up just to write this post and get a helpful spell. Nothing particularly wrong with that, except that you can't just dip into magic. You have to learn and practice and learn and practice first, since if you just dip into the site and think "Wow! Magic IS real! I'm gonna have a go at THIS spell!" you can probably bet that if it is your first spell, it will either go wrong or it will just not work at all. That can be very dispiriting if you don't know it. I suggest that you look at other spells, and practice first if what I have said above is true. Try basic spells native to your element to begin with, and meditation and PSI balls and things like that. Until you are ready to try powerful revenge spells, stave off thoughts of unpleasant bullies at school with the thought of "Just you wait..."! When you are ready, you can make them pay!
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Re: revange spell
Post # 3
getting revenge on your bullies is not the way to go. i know it can be very hard at the time to deal with bullies and speaking from personal experience you can feel extremely lonely and that the world doesnt care. try your best to ignore them. find something you love to do and focus all of your energy on that. life will get better after school believe me. it may not always be perfect but its still a hell of a lot better than school.

if you decide to cast revenge spells (and believe me im guilty of doing it myself back in the day) then there is the 3 fold law and karma to deal with.
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Re: revange spell
Post # 4
first of all let me point out that you seem to be focusing on negativity. and this might be the reason why bullies are attracted to you. if you would start to focus on positive things like friendship or something similar your live could get better.

and if you really want to do a revenge spell i also have to say that i can be tricky not to harm yourself
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