Empty house in astrology

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Empty house in astrology

Empty house in astrology
Post # 1
I want to know what an empty house signifies? I know one should look to the sign on the cusp of the empty house. But what is this sign? Im confused!
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Re: Empty house in astrology
Post # 2
I take you mean when there is no planet/sign movement in any of the 12 houses?
If so it means that none of the planets/signs are having any strong affect on that particular day, so you can either choose to ignore what traits are missing as it doesn't hold much concern or you can choose to be aware of the missing traits and turn weakness into strength

There are 3 types of houses that contain the other 12 houses they are... Angular,Succedent,and Cadent.

The Angular houses correspond to the Cardinal signs which are the houses of 1,4,7 and 10
If there are no planets in angular houses it means that it's more difficult to initiate things,to stay in the here and now.

The Succedent houses correspond to the houses 2,5,8,and 11
When there are no planets in Succedent houses,the result houses,there may be no ability to focus on long term results or no concern with them.

The Cadent houses correspond to the houses of 3,6,9,and 12
When the Cadent houses are empty,there may be no sense of your background,of what has gone on before,and that could mean you can find yourself always starting over again from square one. Or you could be unconcerned with background matters and simply take them for granted.

I hope this may have helped you a little.

Love and Light
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Re: Empty house in astrology
Post # 3
I will use an example, say you have Aries rising, then Aries should be on the cusp of your 1st house. If you have no planet in the first house, you can observe what is Mars and its aspects doing in your chart, since it rules Aries.

Traditionally speaking, empty house indicates ares of your life that is either not a focused, urgent matter in this life time, or it simply means that you dont usually pay much energy or attention towards that particular areas of your life. However, it should not mean that it is not important or it is non-existent.

Say you have an empty 7th house, it does mean that you would have no partner , no relationship. It just means that relationship is somewhat not important or pressing to you. I have observed that people with empty 7th does not realise they have any open enemies ( this house deals with open enemies), etc...
But Venus is the ruler of the 7th, so track Venus in yr chart. Say if there is none in your 7th, yet Venus is in your 10th house, then you might be likely to meet your relationship at public meetings, at your careers, etc.

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