true real powerful death

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true real powerful death
Post # 1
Hi friends,
i dont know how 2 start n may sound heartless but i am being forced as a last option to ask help if sumone really really can help me in casting a death spell on one eveil person.
let me tell ya all in short the reasons,
i use to come come from place of love n light untill this very guy came in my life from 3 yrs back. we loved each other n he alwayssss promised me a forever love, faithfulness, care, respect, commited marriage . i trusted him from core of my heart n walked blindly with him 3 yrs n now since 2 months back he dumped me v v badly. he broke up with me in a very abbusing way n disasterly saying all tearing me heart apart.
just cuz he now got a job [ he was jobless when we met n our love grew] . after getting cool job he started to get lots of womans who r sexy n beautiful proposing him for love n marriage. he also started to get many arrange marraige prospects willing to give him much dowry. [ cash] . well. i am v poor.
he in greedyness ruined my future. we had sex when i met him in his country . he promised that time he wont leave me n marry me. now his parents also turned their back on me saying i am trapping their son to be with me . cuz he lied to themthat he never did anything with me. i have no proff legally that i can throw him jail or punish him. i am completely scattered. i even try to beg to him not to do this horrible thing to me. he said all things were just pretending towards me n nuthing was real. he now abbused my mother too . i tried lot to hire spell casters for rekindle of love or return of love . it worked few days but again back to same shit. i myself tried lot from this spells on this site n it gave me sum positiveness but i am not magician so i dont get it work that well.
after all this i came to know from his firneds that he had ruined n destroyed many girls in same manner as he did to me in past. n now he is seeing other girls to have his fun n pleasures filled. in india culture n family prestige is imp for girls so they dont come out n seek legal law help against monster. i would have done myself. i am totally gave up in trying to work this with him. he just played right from day 1 with me n when time came to marry he wanna rich , hot, sexy, beautiful , girl. i am also grt but i am pooor but i loved him extremely trully n took every care of him. i always been with him when he use to fail his exams or reject an interview.
each moment i am burning in revenge now n pains that he gave me. i tried black magic later to teach hi lesson but i couldnt make it work. i used every tool is needed to but i dont know wut it is. i doubt his parents have casted a protective spell as those folks r very much in it. i seeked help from many magician but everyone has rip my pocket . i work parttime so u can imagine how horrible it is for me .

i wanan a true real death spell to be done on him. please people if anyone really feel my pain little bit please help me . contact me n i will give further detail of him. i believe karma n law etc but after living like dead myself i dont care further wut i am going to face. i wanna him dead n want no other girl further used by him . please dont deny. anyone who really cast a powerful death spell please mail me.

waiting to hear from you.

Re: true real powerful death
Post # 2
Just because you were hurt does not call for death. Leave him be and let what ever force you believe in take care of him.

Re: true real powerful death
Post # 3
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Re: true real powerful death
Post # 4
Your not the only person to have their heart broken and really if he did die would that truly make you happy?, most likley not because you're still going to have a broken heart either way.

And all you're doing by wanting revenge is hurting yourself my mum always used to say the best revenge is to be happy it might sound cliche but time does heal...I hope you find the peace you are looking for, as always the choice is yours you can either take back your own power for yourself or allow this man to have control over the end is the price for revenge of that magnitude worth paying the price for?

Love and Light

Re: true real powerful death
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I personally wouldn't provide anybody with the tools to kill. If you feel this is absolutely necessary, you can find what you're looking for with a few hours research.

Re: true real powerful death
Post # 6
omg just leave him and if he doesnt leave you alone call 911

Re: true real powerful death
Post # 7
Just to address any further comments of similar nature..

Keep in mind cultural differences. In some countries, what she has done for her "love" renders her unable to marry men of any established reputation. The law is not able to help in all situations as it is different in each country.

Now then..I get that you're hurt and pretty much feel ruined. However, him dying will honestly not solve anything. After he's buried in the ground, you're still no longer a virgin, still poor and still have a broken heart. It solved nothing.

Re: true real powerful death
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
As Never has said, cultures vary in their morals. If this had happened in another country there wouldn't be an issue of whether or not she can marry. Something unfortunate has happened to you, but death isn't a logical solution. At the moment emotions are most likely clouding your better judgement so I suggest taking a step back from all of this. Magick is helpful but not an answer to every situation you find yourself placed in.

Re: true real powerful death
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Well, from what I've heard this person has broken your balance, took your virginity and basically ruined your life. Disgusting. You should take any measure you see fit to punish him; nobody else will do it for you. This is your decision to make, and I wish the best for you.

Re: true real powerful death
Post # 10
Hi, understanding cultural differences. This guy is a total disgusting pig. You totally deserve better.
I have nothing against casting any type of spells but, think before you act- Not only has he humiliated you, but if you were to get a death spell put on him, wouldn't it ruin your life even more?
People will put two and two togther and know you have caused this, especially his parents , then you will be further ostracized for blatantly using black magick and disgraced even further.
You are hurt , I know, but you have to be smart. I would work on and heal yourself, further yourself.
Work on acheiving whatever goal, that can further your life and put you in a better social and economic position in your society.
Then once thats done and you still feel hurt, then do what you feel is necessary.
Sometimes death is too good for some people, he may have some hard lessons to learn in his life.

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