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Question about being new
Post # 1
So, I'm quite new to starting on a pagan path in life, and of course, I've already got people fighting me on my choice. (No one on this web site!)

But anyway, so there's this person on another site who laughs at and makes fun of EVERYTHING I do and say. He sits on his butt, going nowhere in life, making fun of people like me who are actually doing something with the life...

So, of course, like everything else I'm into, he calls me a fake and a poser and says I can't be a pagan, because you can't just decide you're pagan! If your'e born to a Christian family, you have to be Christan your whole life! Oh no, you can't choose to be atheist, Buddhist, pagan or anything else later on!

So, in further argument, this guy just said to me that I can't be a pagan because all pagans follow a Greek mythology and worship Zeus. PLEASE tell me he's an idiot!

Really, how do I handle people like that who are going to tell me that I'm stupid, that I'm fake, that I'm a poser, that I can't start living a pagan lifestyle???? (btw at 32 years old I think I'm a big girl and can decide my religion.) Aiiighh!! Help!!! Stupid people are the death of me!
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Re: Question about being new
Post # 2
He absolutely is.
Zeus has nothing to do with it.
Generally speaking that is. Some Paganism is of eclectic standing, where it derives from various religions with a big twist to it to make it technically Pagan. So, in all truth I wouldn't doubt it that there are SOME pagans out there that worship Zeus and/or the full form of Greek Mythology.

As for typical Paganism though, it is not at all required. The guy was not doing his homework and dropped out in 3rd grade.
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Re: Question about being new
Post # 3
Excuse me for the double post but I forgot to answer that second part.

To handle people like this, give them a nicely animated "you're dumber than you look" expression right across your face.
Like with one eye squinted and your eyebrows turned down.
Mutter some made up gibberish just loud enough for them to here you; and after they look at you with their deliciously puzzled face, just leave and never give them the time of day again.
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Re: Question about being new
Post # 4
true reverie, and since general pagan practice follows the goddess (no its not only wicca, wicca is a more modern and altered form from the traditional pagan foundation. And some also pay homage to the Egyptian deities ( like my self)
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