poetry, the void,

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poetry, the void,
Post # 1
dark night of the soul

the magyk has left my soul and in its place is a void.
gods turn from me man shuns me,
darkness and pain is all i feel
the moon glows blood red and the hounds no longer howl
tears flow from a torn out soul
tearing away layer by layer the flesh
wishing only to shed this skin
i look to the universe only to be blinded
i call in the ancient tongues on deaf ears
the darkness inside still will not go
crouched alone in a corner
with my own fears
and yet i can shed no tears
dark beings rip my mind apart bit by bit
and deeper inside i slip
there is no light no where to turn
run as i may hide if i can
life has become a maze
the hearts pain returns will it ever cease
no it will only increase
a door deep inside maybe another place to hide
as i enter the darkest yet rushes forth
pain lies hatred anger fear
and there she stood smileing eyes so full of power
now i get relief death is surely here
yes it has take my hand
yet the death you recieve is this
from me there is no escape
my scourge with each stroke eats the flesh away
leaveing you bloodied and bruised
but yet to this door you made it through
i tore you open i ate your bones
i hung your flesh to rot
your pain your fears your every desire
now come sit by my fire
look up she said
a sliver of light began that beuatiful crescent
as it grew i transformed
now you see death did come at this very hour
and this had to be so you may walk in our light
as the ancients gathered round
began to dance to the drumming sound
a child has been born
brought forth from the mortal tomb
a hand took me in
and sat me down
as i looked up she wore the most wonderous crown
stars and moons of the brightest and blackest gems
she kissed my cheek and once again the ancient language i did speak
walk with me said the old one as she smiled
now your ready to go another mile
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Re: poetry, the void,
Post # 2
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