understanding empathy

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understanding empathy
Post # 1
now most of you will say you what empathy is, i agree you will most likely know what is empathy etc. But today i want to get to the bones of this spiritual gift, first of all let it be known we are ALL born with spiritual gifts it just shows if we develop it. So how come some people have to work to develop their gifts while others don't?

The answer is simple, they already did their work in a past life,and all these qualities just like karma which follows the soul (not the spirit ill explain that maybe a next time)

So when these gifts are developed it shows in your being.

Now back to empathy, how do i know if my empathic ablilties are active?

Now i have heard people say being emotional intuitive and empathic are too different things but i slightly disagree although it is not full empathy it is a first step in getting into empathy. When you can feel emotions that are not yours then you can call yourself and empath. Don't fool your self, be honest one good way of testing you empathy is to go to a funeral, yes i know people will call that suidcide but its a extreme sign when you feel all that emotion in one room.

So when you discover your empathy what is next?

Well maintain it! Of course if you know me well i always love to say meditation, cause its the key to everything, and furthermore i will advise you to practice chakra meditation. Specifically paying close attention to the sacral chakra also called the navel chakra which is orange in colour, this chakra is responsible for recieve in and releasing emotions in general, the solar chakra which is yellow and located in the solar plexus is the chakra that manages control over the expression of these emotions, and the heart chakra which is mistaken to be the main chakra behind empathy is actually for the quality of universal love which can have an ablity to assist those who have expanded their empathy to global/universal/collective empathy which means they can feel emotions of others from around the planet.

A simple use of orange can generally allow you to be more vibrant and resistant to negative energy. So in conclusion i advise to mainly work on the sacral chakra, but to add the use of the solar and heart chakra .

NOTE: when practicing chakra meditation it is wise to manage all the chakras as often as possible.
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Re: understanding empathy
Post # 2
that's pretty cool Indigo,I'll keep that in mind :)
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Re: understanding empathy
Post # 3
Very helpful post :D
Blessed be,
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