Vladamir:Magi or Madman

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Vladamir:Magi or Madman
Post # 1
Vladamire Dracula is the inspiration behind legends and novels alike. However little is known of the man himself. One thing that is he supposedly dined with impaled corpses dipping the Bread in blood of impaled victims. My Question is he a Magi whom used his posistion to use blood magick or simply a mad man.

My theory is mainly speculation with little proof. To Start of Dracula his last name Son of Dragon or in Romanion Son of Devil. In many legends there are tales of signing a contract in your own blood, a reference to the Blood Oath. It has also been documented that some have even made such oaths to Dragons. Making this a very interchangable idea. He was a prisoner of war, beaten and witnessed executions daily, yet never executed himself. He was nearly killed numerous times, yet never himself. The only Survivor of a falling Bloodline he vowed to avvenge his father's death, and ended up dieing almost exactly 2 years later. His head lasted for 2 months extra. A Deal with an entity or merly coincidence. I could find little more info thus little more to base my theory off.
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Re: Vladamir:Magi or Madman
Post # 2
very interesting, and knowing his history it would little surprise me if he had made a blood-oath to some demon or entity, I'm actually kind of surprised Hitler didn't attempt much the same thing, being as superstitious and occultic as he was
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No Subject
Post # 3
I dont no the full story no one really does but i find it unlikely i think this is more likely why if drunk the blood one if might have just liked the teaste of blood but more likely did it to creep out his foes but blood does have a lot me energy frash blood is the blood it is full me life energy he could have new this or fund it out or if whats most like was just a lil massed ur in the head who really know but one thing is for sure if made his mark in histroy no one will forget about him for a very long time
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Re: Vladamir:Magi or Madman
Post # 4
My answer will probably dissapoint you but he was just a madman.
How do I know this? because I am romanian and i studyed that.
His real name was Vlad [or Vladimir] Tepes.He was a Voivode of Wallachia.He resisted against the Ottoman empire.His father actually gave his sons Vlad and Radu to the Sultan as hostages.They were thaough the Qur'an and his brother converted to islam however Vlad hated that and hated his father for giving him away.
Impaling is just one other form of torture and he's no worse than any other ruler at the time.
You should google ,,Vlad Tepes'' and check the Wikipedia article.There's nothing magical about him.
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