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Post # 1
My name I chosen was to be "Silver Raven" but since it was already chosen so I went the Gaelic route. Airgid Fiach is Silver Raven in Gaelic. If one possibility is denied it is time to look for an alternative.

Magick Life

My magick life where to start it seems to me I was practicing since childhood. Magick been so much part of my life I don't remember a time without it. I was born to understanding how magick works and without the memory of learning it. I used the Airgid Fiach to pursue this goal now even online. I do try to differentiate my Magick life from my other life sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. I learn through the years I cannot live with one without the other. I am miserable without the magick in the since it is cutting off my own hand. As I read more some the books do help me and others got 3% fact and 97% fluff. Which is irritating to no end.

Other Life

I live and work on the Virgin islands and sell jewelry. At the same time helping my friend in start up company for all things "RP." I am seeing someone and very happy in my life.
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Re: Beginning
Post # 2
Welcome to SOM
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Need of Help
Post # 3
1. Personal Information:
Victim Name: Syed Burhan Ul Haq

2. Problems am facing or faced.
* My employer kick me out from the jobs because of the above person.
* I feel guilty in-front of many people many times just because of above person.
* He had cheated me and disturb my married life.

3. Solution:
I want to teach him a lesson for life through revenge spells.

4. Conclusion:
Could you tell me the remedy in respect of easy and simple way but its powerful (even through spells or by flaming picture/image)

5. If you required any other information regarding this please write to me, asap.

Addeel Ahmed
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Re: Beginning
Post # 4
Oh dear addeelahmed.
I see you have typed this info about your problem out in two different threads, twice in this one.
I suggest you firstly heal yourself, protect yourself.

Then if you wish then learn to curse this person your self, no one here is going to curse anybody on your behalf, some for moral reasons and some because they have their own stuff to do.
I would also be aware of anyone who does offer you help, as help sometimes comes at a price that monetary currency , no matter how high can not match.
* My advice , learn for your self, no matter how long it takes, then do stuff for yourself.
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