wierd dream

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wierd dream
Post # 1
ok so last night i had a wierd dream. im not sure if it was something from my past life in egypt or a psychic vision or whatever. i dont rememeber most of it but the one thing i do remember is this poem.

follow the ancient trail to hope
there, let anubis look for life
allow the golden touch of ra to shine
and receive the gift of the gods.

several things i got from this were, first, life could mean an ankh, the symbol of life in ancient egypt. second,ra means the sun so im guessing something to do with letting the suns rays hit anubis. third, the direction for anubis to face must be east because the ancient egyptian believed that the west was the direction for death. they thought that ra, the sun was born in the east and died in the west every day.

is this just a poem from a movie or book and ive just remembered it or does anyone think its something more. it felt real so i dont think its from a movie or book. anyone have more info on this. please let me know.
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Re: wierd dream
Post # 2
I think it could mean something about the afterlife, the afterlife being the gift of the gods and the ancient path to hope.Either that or something to do with enlightenment, the ankh also represents knowledge, the gift of the gods would be enlightenment But I don't know about the anubis part, sounds like a cool dream.
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Re: wierd dream
Post # 3
it was cool but a little confusing. i didnt see the whole dream, it was mostly dark. i did see the statue of anubis thou made of a dark stone. it was beautiful.

i also had a dream where i tried to enter these huge black gates but these cats stopped me. i did think it was something to do with the underworld as cats were supposably the guardians of the underworld and anbuis is conected to the underworld. it cant just be my imagination can it? im not the type to make up silly little games like this. or it could just be my head being random lol
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Re: wierd dream
Post # 4
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