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Manifesting Powers Help
Post # 1
I am new (only 2 months) into developing my abilities. i have successfully opened my 3rd eye and my chakras are aligned. i am having small (slowly building) success with my telekenisis, but my spells are less successful. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. i have attempted to build up and develop these spell casting abilities and am feeling like ive hit a wall. i have had some success at simple things - like a money spell - and i got a raise a few days later etc. but when it comes to invoking my powers - am i just being impatient. i know you must believe in your heart and know you have those abilities and i do. is there a way to enhance or develop quicker/more accurately? i also feel that maybe my focus isnt strong enough yet - as i cast a spell for my mother to get money and i was the one who got the raise.. which ill give her a piece of.. but it didnt manifest inthe way i had intended. i am looking for guidance as i am new to all of this. any help is appreciated. also - could it be that im not doing the type of spells that are best for my abilities? how can you tell which are your strengths when you are so new? i really enjoy the candle spells - but maybe those arent my forte. as i see more development with my psychicness than with my crafting. thanks in advance for the advise - this is the best site ive found so far - with real people who practice this.
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Re: Manifesting Powers Help
Post # 2
have you been meditating besides to open and align chakras?

Alot of people jump right into casting spells, though in many pagan traditions a person trains and studies for a year and a day before actually casting spells. If your spells aren't working for you properly, I would strongly recommend re-evaluating why you are casting them, why you want to study magic, and strengthen your focus.

I recommend a site called the Library of Knowledge (link on my profile) to help you find some of the answers you're seeking. Tomekeeper is very no nonsense, and his occult and beginner information is quite solid for pointing out the holes in ones thought process.
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Re: Manifesting Powers Help
Post # 3
i appreciate the response. i have been meditating a lot recently and really trying to understand what is drawing me to this in the first place. i definitely need to understand my motivations more clearly. i will look into the library of knowledge and as many have told me, just let it happen and not force anything. but i do really need to figure out why i am drawn to this (and for some reason that question never occurred to me until you asked it) - i have been my whole life but recently ive actually acknowledged that fact. thank you again for your help.
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