Ways to bond with element

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Ways to bond with element
By: / Novice
Post # 1
This post is for everyone to take part in and suggest methods by which you can bond with an element

These are the basic things you do

Fire: Dancing flame technique, Aura heating and sitting by the candle light with nothing else on your mind.

Water: Take a bath, walk in the rain or anything that lets you connect with water.

Earth: meditate in an open field, get muddy etc.

Air: I don't know much about bonding with air but i think you can do this by breathing clean and fresh air.

These are not all the elements or all the ways to bond with and element so all suggestions are welcome.
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Re: Ways to bond with ele
Post # 2
- meditate
- go swimming
- drink a glass of water
- when washing dishes or taking a shower give thanks to element.
Now this may be the obvious suggestion but there is a point on why I wrote it. We always take this element for granted because we use it on are everyday life that we stop appreciating the element. Not many will be fortunate to have water to drink or shower. So it won't hurt to give thanks to it.


- light some candle
- feel the sun shinning down at your body
- meditate
- dance
- go outside to see the sun setting
- do something that you enjoy
To me, fire is passion. When I want to bound with that element, I light some candles and put my favorite song so I can dance to it or I listen to " Dance my children dance." Another thing is do something you enjoy. What I do is read or draw and I put my heart in it.


- light some incenses
- smell the flowers
- meditate
- feel the air blowing you face
- take deep breathing
- see the birds or butterflies fly
I know that you may feel as you are doing nothing but as I said you need to appreciate the small things.
When I think of air, I feel my breath and smell. I choose breath because you need oxygen to breath and I choose smell because there are different fragence in the air like your mother cooking.


- meditate
- plant some flowers, trees, etc
- recycle, reuse, redouce ( I think that's the last one called )
- stop littering
- volunteer to clean the beach, park, etc
- give thanks for your food
- play with he mud
- go for a walk
- hang out with your family
There are many things to bond with earth. Also you can get involve in helping with the environment.

That's my suggestion with bonding with the elements. It's quite simple and you don't have to go to extreme to bound with them. They are all around us of course.

Here's a poem I like to share of the elements when they're close to us.

The earth is are flesh and bones
while the air is are breath and smell
as the water is womb and blood
meanwhile fire is the passions of our souls.

That's my opinion though not everyone will agree.
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Re: Ways to bond with element
Post # 3
Thank you LunaticGirl for sharing your knowledge with us
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Re: Ways to bond with element
Post # 4
Awesome post.'Grats guys
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Re: Ways to bond with element
Post # 5
Very well put.

I beleive Air is my element, because I love the wind blowing in my face and watching the clouds move across the sky. I have felt this way for as long as I can remember.

If you live close to the ocean, there is absolutely nothing better than the fresh sea air swirling around you constantly.

Just a few thoughts. :-)

Blessed Be,
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