I need some help

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I need some help
Post # 1
I have been having a strange feeling that something bad will happen to a friend of mine. Also I have received some visions that I don?t know how but I know are about my friend. I have also had strange urges to call my friend more than I should and I believe I had some physical contact with a dead relative of that person who obviously cares about my friend.
Here are some of my visions I have each time I close my eyes. I have never been to this friend?s house or know what it looks like, yet I know exactly what it looks like and where it is. That was the first vision. Then, a few days later, after the feelings started to happen, I saw a green spider on a blue wall and a dead man?s arm in a white shirt (whom I am certain to be a relative of my friend) reach out and the spider crawled onto his hand. Then, after I opened my eyes, later when I closed my eyes, I saw a demon laughing and holding like a brown goblet. Then, I saw my friend outside of his house and there was this red car drive by. Then I started to feel an urge to call non stop. And each night I saw a shadow of my friend?s relative.
And one more thing. I had a dream of myself walking into my bathroom and I fell to the ground and an evil spirit came for me.
What do these mean?
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Re: I need some help
Post # 2
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Re: I need some help
Post # 3
as you pointed out yourself, it could be that a long dead realative or aquaintince of your friend is trying to protect them,through you. What I find interesting about this though, is not that this shade or spirit was sending visions, but rather that he was sending them to you. Making contact with you. Why not just contact your friend, and "cut out the middle man"?
interesting........ did you ever have any contact with this shade before he died?
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Re: I need some help
Post # 4
no contact what so ever
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Re: I need some help
Post # 5
Oh geez I am having trouble believing that you have not once visited your friends house. Yet you claim you know what it looks like and where it is ? umm ok,maybe another teenage fantasy all about demons and evil things lol..Also you state you are seeing your friends dead relatives shadow, how would you really explain it has being your dead friends relative? When it's just a shadow? Look for more logical explanations firstly ..such has maybe your own reflection or someone walking past your house and the street lamps sending the reflection through a window.

Not saying demons don't exsist here..just fed up of hearing *The big bad demons chasing me*
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