Prosperity Stone

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Prosperity Stone
Post # 1
This is the first spell I've ever written, so feel free to give me some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. :)

Prosperity Stone


Fennel powder
Charcoal disk
Green candle
A general anointing oil
Receptacle for burning loose powder incense (make sure it's heat-proof!!)
Sea Salt
Receptacle for Sea Salt
Green quartz
Chalice, filled with water


Take the sea salt and line the bottom of the incense receptacle so that it doesn't get so hot that it scorches
your altar. Place the disk in the receptacle, light the disk, and sprinkle desired amount of fennel powder
on disk. Place it to the North on your altar. Anoint the candle with the oil, light the candle, and put it to
the South on your altar. Pour some sea salt in the receptacle for the sea salt. Put this to the West on your
altar. Finally, take your chalice with the water in it and put it to the East on your altar.


Take the green quartz, cover it with the salt in the receptacle (whatever you may have chosen) and as you hold your
power hand over the salt, visualize a white light coming from your hand and enveloping the salt and receptacle. As
you do so, say this:

"With this salt I banish negativity
so that I may acquire wealth and prosperity."

Now take the stone out of the salt, shake off the salt that might still be on the stone, and sprinkle some water on
it from the chalice. As you do so, keep visualizing that white light enveloping your hand and the stone and say:

"With this water I banish negativity
so that I may acquire wealth and prosperity."

Now pass the stone through the incense smoke while visualizing the smoke becoming a white light, meeting the white light
from your power hand (which should be holding the stone) and say:

"With this smoke I banish negativity
so that I may acquire wealth and prosperity."

Now, lastly, pass the green quartz through the flame of the candle three times and visualize the white light from your hand
that should be enveloping the stone becoming greener every time you pass it through the candle's flame while you say:

"By the power of three times three
bring prosperity to me and my family.
An' it harm none, so mote it be!"

Repeat that last times as many times as you feel necessary.

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