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Online store activated
Post # 1
Finally, guys I have done it after full 1 year I have completed my website and now I want your help.

My site : is a website which deals in witchcraft & occult supplies at inexpensive prices (really it is inexpensive).

But for the store to be fully opened I need you people's help. I want you people to fill in the site forum like you people has done to this. You can use the forum to contact the fellow members and you can also suggest the site more product to get them at inexpensive prices.

I have worked hard for it so please help me and I think to inform there are lvls to be in the site (forum).

Beginner - You get no discount
Member - you get 5% discount on any 1 product or cart you buy
Advanced - you get 15% discount on any 1 product or cart you buy
Council - You get 35% discount on any 1 product or cart you buy.

So please hurry and do remember to suggest me so products through the Forums or the suggestion page.

I hope you understand my problem and also give me reviews regarding the site.

Please join it as soon as possible. (the site is in production mode) so you can start buying right away.

Again to let you remember the site is :


Herblet Alley
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Re: Online store activated
Post # 2
You can achieve these Lvls by posting in the forums but please quality posts
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Re: Online store activated
Post # 3
You may want to check the site, i tried to go check it out and under each category there is only a blank pdf file. let me know if you sort this out i will come and check it out again.
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Re: Online store activated
Post # 4
Sorry You saw that, But I mentioned that the site layout is ready only products are under being uploading process. Like in the book section wizardology is uploaded.

This way more product will be added within next 4-5 business days.

But till that time you can register on the site and start posting on the forums and invite your friends for the mystical chats. Please don't forget to suggest us some books or products in the store.

PS: There will be a huge discount of 40% on all the products for the first 15 days after the shop will be launched.

Now only the site is opened.

But please keep on checking it.

Currently I am trying to reduce the shipping price, I have already made shipping to Asia and Australia to only $2.00 for the cart which is not more the 500 gm of weight and I will do it with other regions also so keep on check it.

You will be notified my this thread and it will be on site too.


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