Magic ring

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Magic ring
Post # 1
So I want some help with a certain ring. Long story short(ish), heres how I got it: One random night I fell asleep and had a dream, in the dream I found a ring with strange engravings at my families second house down in South Carolina, I kept it for some reason and didn't want to tell anyone. I came home and but it in my chest were I kept all things special to me. The next day (Still in the same dream) I was at school (3rd grade) and a ball with the same engravings as the ring rolled over to me. I went home and went over to my chest, the ring was gone so I left the ball in the chest. Then then the next day (Still in a dream) I found the ring (Cant remember were) and I went back to my chest and opened it up and the ball was gone, suddenly my heart started racing and I started breathing impossibly fast (It was a dream so I mean literally impossibly) I set the ring down and shut the chest, when it closed I heart a loud BOOM, and I woke up suddenly and I could still hear the sonic boom fading in the background. I instinctively got up and looked in my chest and there it was, the ring from my dream. I was so scared I took everything out of my chest but the ring and stored the other things in an unused cabinet. I remembered it often but kept it to myself for a long time. Recently I brought it back out and put it on, but I kept loosing it and I always found it, It teleports around, I put it in my pocket, I find it in my brothers room seconds later. I noticed something about it though, whenever its lost I cant get it off my mind I keep looking and looking it drives me insane!!!

All i'm asking for is some advice on what to do with it, I don't think its evil, I just cant bring myself to get rid of it. Please help me thanks in advance.

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Re: Magic ring
Post # 2
Can you post a pic?
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Re: Magic ring
Post # 3
interesting, did u have the ring in the box before u had the dream?
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Re: Magic ring
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
i would suggest studying up on runes and se if you can find some that match the ones on the ring if you post a pic i might be able to help but until you understand it i would suggest binding it
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Re: Magic ring
Post # 5
it would be better if you rather more data of it, so that you can compare and find out whats the best way to do it.
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