how do i get him

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how do i get him
Post # 1
hello,peeps I,m here looking for a spell to get my man here with me. my story I have been seeing some one for 9 years, but he lives in the caribeean. since meeting in 2001 I have travelled to his Island on many occasions, at first I thought it was nothing more than a holiday romance, but I could sense that we were mean to be together. The time came when I went to live in the caribbean. for the first few months all was ok, but he has a baby mother of may be 3 years and two children the sencond child was born whilst on my stay. This is when things started to change as she realised I was not retunrning home any time soon. things between my partner & I went from bad to worse.
ultimately he ended up in prison and I returned home. I strongly bleive that the baby mother was the cause of our disruption. he has vbeen out of prison since october last year, we have tried to get a visa and failed, it seems that everthing we try never works. ie feel she is behind the fact that we arre not together can some one help me with a spell I can cast to get him here with me soon.
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Re: how do i get him
Post # 2
He has a family... doesn't he?

Love and Light xx
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Re: how do i get him
Post # 3
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Re: how do i get him
Post # 4
Well, hon, I hate to burst your bubble, but it sounds like this man has a ready-made family. The fact that his second child was born while you were there, seems that you weren't the only one that was on his mind. Second, you didn't say what he went to prison for. Many countries will not issue a visa to a man who has a prison record. If you have been seeing him for 9 years and he hasn't "popped the question" yet, I seriously doubt that a spell will do it. And even if it did, would you want to force a man to marry you?
If he is out of prison, instead of casting a spell to bring him to you, why don't you just go down there instead? You have traveled there before, why not just go again and ask him face to face why he has not proposed marriage to you after all these years? It may not be the baby's mother fault.

I do wish you the best, though.
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