Did they place a curse?

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Forums -> General Info -> Did they place a curse?

Did they place a curse?
Post # 1
My neighbour have been rumoured black magic practicers and there jealous of my family ( money etc. ) and always try to copy us this morning I found 1 egg that was uncooked on my side lawn and a piece of blank paper in my drive way . Not something you see everyday is this a hex or what do you think ??
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Re: Did they place a curse?
Post # 2
I am not sure. However it is better to be safe then sorry. I would suggest a meditation technique I learned.

Sit comfortably but not enough so you will fall asleep any posistion is fine. Picture a white light coming down onto you, picture it going inside your body and into your soul, picture it covering your entire body and insides.
This protection lasted surprisingly long for me it seemed to last about a year!
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Re: Did they place a curse?
Post # 3
You could also cast a protection spell,or ask for protection from your god(s)/goddess.

Love and Light xx
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Re: Did they place a curse?
Post # 4
Whether or not you are really being cursed, it is good to protect your house from unwanted and potentially harmful energies.

You can find good house protection rituals that range in specificity from calling on balancing energies to using your entire day to prepare your house for protection. Once you find something you are interested in, post it here and we'll talk about it.
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Re: Did they place a curse?
Post # 5
merry meet,it possible, some spells that involve the removal of negative energy require taking a bath with an egg, it takes the negativity from u and then u bury the egg unbroken in the earth.i dont know why the paper was there but most any object can be charged with good or bad, this is what i would do,i would take the dirt from the grave of someone who loved me dearly in life i would then sprinkle it around my house,its wonderful protection from the dark arts but it only protects ur house and u but only when u r in it , look up the spell of three folds it sounds like what u might need,the best of luck to u,blessed be.
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