Ghost: Ouija board?

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Ghost: Ouija board?
Post # 1
It started last summer, every week during 2am-3am I would wake up and hear someone playing our piano, not playing but pressing one piano key, pressing it once or twice.. then silence. The first time it happened I thought it was my father, I ran upstairs to tell him to stop cos I was trying to sleep. No one was there. Since then nothing had happened until again this summer.
My sister is often downstairs in the garage playing on the computer, she often feels like there is someone there and has often seen something in her peripheral vision. The same thing happened to me when I was playing on her computer, I saw a white figure in my peripheral vision, I looked to the side straight away.. nothing there.

A couple of days later me and my sister were in the same room talking when suddenly the lamp (it was in the middle of the table not on the edge) fell down like somebody had pushed it or stood on its wire. No one was there but us, our cat might have done it but we didn't see her run away or hear her bell.
Then today. Our mother was baking and watching TV at the same time. She looked up at the TV and saw that someone was scrolling through the channels and changed the channel (we have Sky; British cable thing) She ran into the TV room, no one was there and the remote was on the sofa, upside down.

Now there could be logical explanations for everything, but say we are dealing with a possible ghost, would you advise against using a Ouija board? If so, what should we do? Just leave him alone?
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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
Post # 2
I would stay well away from Ouija boards, My mum never liked them and ever since my sister used one in our house when I was around 8 nothing good ever came from it, Personally myself I dont like them at all wither thats down to the way my mum was I'm not sure,The family house we grew up in was build on top of an old monastery and my mum said we had two ghosts , one she called the Grey Lady who always went between the two bedrooms and another one my mum said was a monk who would appear in the corner of the living room I've never seen a spirit but can sense them it was only my mum and sister that could see them. but if there is a spirit around and its not doing any harm, I would personally just talk to them out loud and ask the to stop doing what ever is upseting for any of you. when my sister used the Ouija board it wasn't any of the ghosts we where used to, she ened up contacting a very angry spirit.

But what you describe could also maybe be guardian angels or love ones who've passed away letting you know there if you need them.

My mum is passed away around 8 years now and now and again when I sense her around it plays havoc with my light bulbs Lol!

Love and Light.
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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
Post # 3
Ouija boards are generally used in an air of fun and entertainment while having very little accuracy when it comes to divination and communication with spirits. The main problem with Ouija boards is that you never know just who is responding to you and they can lie if they feel it is what you want to hear.
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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
Post # 4
Personally I've used a ouija board and I wouldn't say I loved it lol.But if you know how to protect yourself on the first place I guess you can be absolutely safe.Still,I prefer to contact with spirits through meditation/astral projection

Love and Light xx
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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
Post # 5
Okay thanks a lot guys :)
@OpalRaven~ Yeah maybe it is a relative. My mother said it might be her father :) Hahaha wow! Pretty nice that your mother visits you from time to time!
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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
Post # 6
i have used a ouija board and loved it i would advise using one unless you dont buy it brand new
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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Here's a part of lesson we have on ghost posted by our Priestess, Drakkenwitch from Spirit Seers.

If you're wondering, ghosts are normally harmless for the most part and have relatively no desire to bring harm to
anyone nor do they have much of an awareness to act as such. Ghosts however, have been known to disrupt
the lives of those that they effect and play pranks and move things about. To state it plainly, they are actually
limited in the activities that they are able to carry out in their frame of existence. Non-human forms as well as evil
spirits and demons, who have never had a body, have additional powers and have the ability to sway our thoughts
and tempt our reasoning. This is why Ouija boards and other similar devices should be shunned! They have the ability
to open windows into other realms of existence and can attract evil or bad spirits. If you are experiencing what you
consider to be the effects of an evil spirit or demon in your life then it could be the location where you are living, but
you must also consider your life style as well. In other words, how you are living or the activities that you involve yourself
in that might inadvertently be drawing them to you.

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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
Stay well away from Ouija boards. They can mess about with the Mind's inner fears. They are dangerous.
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Re: Ghost: Ouija board?
Post # 9
I would just cast some sort of protection spell.
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