Breaking "Harm-None"?

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Forums -> Wicca -> Breaking "Harm-None"?

Breaking "Harm-None"?
Post # 1
I have a question. Regarding "An it harm none, do what ye will," wouldn't eating meat or consuming animal products such as milk or eggs be breaking that? Meat would obviously be harming the animal that it came from, but for other animal products, the animals that produce the products that you may consume are kept under awful living conditions, thus being harmed. So does this not count as breaking the rule? I'm puzzled.
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Re: Breaking "Harm-None"?
Post # 2
There are many different opinions on this question, Eva, and I've heard valid points from both sides, but my personal beleif is that if you buy a steak and eat it, you are NOT the one who harmed the cow. You simply took it upon yourself to make sure that it did not die in vain.

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Re: Breaking "Harm-None"?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I'm with Tarot On this.
If you aren't the one who harmed the animal I don't think its breaking it.
If you were to go and hack apart someone's dog just for fun that would be harming someone.
Eating meat for food I don't believe is harming. But many see differently.
It all depends on what feels right for you
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Re: Breaking "Harm-None"?
Post # 4
I also have to agree with tarrot. There is a valid point there. One thing I also believe with that rule is that if I am in the woods somewhere starving to death and killing an animal in a humane way keeps me alive there shouldn't be any reprimand for the animals death.

I also have a lot of friends who get VERY sick when they try to stick to a vegetarian diet. Not eating the occasional piece of meat is doing as much harm to them as the people that commit acts of slaughter are doing to the animals. In my opinion your health comes first when choosing vegetarian/vegan.

You could try doing rituals in honor of the animals that have died for you to eat for passing away for your nutrition if you like, I used to do such before I went vegetarian.
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Re: Breaking "Harm-None"?
Post # 5
Yeah that's right.. Hmm well consider this: "Everything and Everyone even the Universe itself, even the gods and goddesses, and even the very Deities of All Religions has their own Limits, even the very Laws and the Rules has their own Limits... "Limitless" but for only a Period of Time and/or Place."

So that means, you'll just have to be wise enough to know the right time and place for everything, even that Wiccan Rede has its own limits you know, and understanding the limits of almost all things makes ones life more easier, like what i'm enjoying now haha.

Besides you only harmed the physical vessel, not the soul itself, well killing is like a "Knife", it's how you use them.
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Re: Breaking "Harm-None"?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
The meat, vs. veggie issue can be so rhetorical. You have the best arguments on both sides, remember that the harm none rule is a guide, but it is almost impossible to achieve. In some way there will be someone hurt by a decision, being accepting a job (maybe someone else needed more than you), or eating plants (who by the way are alive too?). It is all up to you, on how well you balance harming none in your life.
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Re: Breaking "Harm-None"?
Post # 7
veggies and fruits are also living things so might as well not eat at all
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