spells for a baby and mom

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spells for a baby and mom
Post # 1
ok here's the short explanation I have I have 2 negative ghosts (which my friend sealed into the basement with sea salt) and 2 good ghosts I want to keep here, I'm not the owner of the house but the owners daughter and I have a 2 month old here, we think she may have some powers (like being a witch possibly) her father can see spirits and I have various but limited powers myself but compared to some people more powerful to others less anyway I would like a protection spell for her room, a calming spell for the both of us (or possibly compassion either or works, I'm bi polar and can lose my patience with others) and a spell that would help push forward our powers,

however I heard doing more than 1 spell in a space can cancel out each other, it's been many many years since practising any magick I lost my good spell book to a friend and am left with an old book (Teen Witch by silver raven wolf or something like that)

also I was wondering if there was any symbol and/or saying that I could print out (I have horrible printing and can't draw) to put above the door to add to the protection as I might be accidentally calling in spirits, reason I say accidentally I always wanted to see them and I spoke to someone about it and they said I could end up seeing them because I am asking too, and well that could possibly get them to come here, anyway I can't fully explain myself in a small post so I hope I explained myself enough any questions shoot oh and I have a girl, but yeah ty
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Re: spells for a baby and mom
Post # 2
sorry forgot to say don't know where this should go do I posted it in this subject
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Re: spells for a baby and mom
Post # 3
Have you tried talking to the negative spirits and seeing if they need your help in some way? And what about simply asking them to go away? If that doesn't work you can always burn sage (supposed to get rid of negative energies).

As for the calming spell meditation and grounding and centering might be able to help with that rather than a spell itself.

And as for the powers spell...that you achieve through study, not through a simple spell. Basics are a good place to start. The basics are: Meditation, visualization, grounding/centering, energy flow and control, shielding and circle casting, elements, days, colors, tools, moon phases.
After shielding it is more path and/or culture based.
Here are a few links for places where you can get helpful info on them:

As for being a witch, anyone can practice magic, and many people do practice it without thinking of it as magic. Lol. Witch is just a label for a practitioner; male or female.

Note: Silver Ravenwolf is considered fluffy by a *lot* of the people here. Lol. So you might want to get a hold of some other magic books.
A few links:

I could give you basic instructions on how to make a sigil (the way I make them and one other way) yourself through the way so you can do it yourself and therefore make it stronger than anything I could give to you. Drawing skills aren't really reguired. If you look at my photos you'll notice all of my images are sigils that I have personally drawn. To be honest I can't even draw a tree or a person or animal or anything better than a stick-figure fashion. Lol.
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Re: spells for a baby and mom
Post # 4
Don't forget to delete the spaces for the links. ;)
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