Uncommon Magickal Tools

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Uncommon Magickal Tools
Post # 1
I've been trying to look up the Magickal uses for things like a scepter and a labrys (double-sided axe) but I have had no luck. Since I don't have either physically, I can't study their properties on my own.

So my question for everyone here; What items have you encountered that general Witches do not commonly use?

I am aware that tools are a crutch, but I am specifically interested in Artifact Magick. I believe that every physical object has some sort of subtle energy, and that is what I am interested in researching.
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Re: Uncommon Magickal Tools
Post # 2
well some people,like me,learn better with a tool in front of them....-sigh- i would LOVE a long staff with a little orb at the top...but i guess any staff will long as its magical looking...but my point is,don't be afraid to use a tool.but anyway some witches use a bow and arrow,a necklace,or an axe
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Re: Uncommon Magickal Too
Post # 3
You choose the energy and use. It is yours and you can imprint it with a use using ur energy. Ur tools ur use, now b4 u ask i can write im just lazy. How u imprint energy hold it in your dominant hand until it tingles then say its use to it. I charged my wand staff and athame using this techneque i kinda made a large rainstorm using my new elemental staff. U shud try it it literally free!!!
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Re: Uncommon Magickal Tools
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
All "tools" are merely "aids" to help in working magic.
It should be remembered that in the far off days when witches were persecuted, and could (and were!) be put to death. So they did not really have "special" tools. They used the everyday articles in use about the house. An ordinary kitchen knife for an Athame;cup for a chalice; a cauldron; candles; and so on. Only in recent years have there been "special" tools; and very good they are,too! And if they help in working magic, then that is fine. The "power" of the tool is what you endow it with;your own "energy".
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Re: Uncommon Magickal Too
Post # 5
There is a Chinese tool called a lo pan. It's a type of consecrated compass used for dowsing. Others, I have heard of are bone necklaces shamans use along with the spears the use instead of a staff. I once tried to cast a spell on siomeone to male there violin ski lls better. I used a violin bow for a wand.
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