cant drive i guess

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> cant drive i guess

cant drive i guess
Post # 1
I *AP* once in my childhood and then again when I ws 15, from then on out I tried all different sorts of things. Relaxing every mussel in my body then the chakras with colors corresponding then I tried this visualization using the hyrophant symbol.(star of david, it can also be 3 diminional) then it happen! I was in my van doing this. I awoke it seemed after going to bed in a bedroom and thought to myself oh just go back to sleep. I "closed my eyes"then my true mind said hey your in your van, your *AP* so I "opened my eyes and was in the bedroom once more. I thought I have to get up and a willed myself up and I bent straight up and wizzed across the room infront of me and wenced, I thought I was going to hit the wall. I went through it and awoke. The second time I was in the van again. I awoke in the *AP* state and was still in the van I bent straight up and over and into the floor and awoke. The next time I spun around the room with my feet facing the middle of the room and did one circle and awoke. What makes that one unique is when I awoke at the beginning a silvery arm and hand and silvery purple bluish tattoos on it pulled me up. I think that this might've been my higher self. Question has anyone faced this type of being and what do you think it might have been? ok one with the *AP*. So that was a few years ago I hate to admit that I have given up, but I have life has pulled me into the bills and money thing. Does anyone have any ideas that I might try to learn how to drive. That is kinda why I quit trying because everytime I did it I couldn't drive. Any help would be most cherished. blessed be
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Re: cant drive i guess
Post # 2
i cant help but ask the priest or preistess
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