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Magick Mirrors
Post # 1
I recently bought a mirror I intend to use for scrying and possibly spirit communication and/or communication between planes/realms -- and probably spell casting too. I haven't heard much about mirror use in magick outside of scrying, so I have a few questions:

1. What would be best to cleanse it with? I know you're supposed to keep it covered when not in use, and avoid mundane uses once it's consecrated for magickal purposes.

2.) Is it alright to make it a multipurpose mirror? Should I have a separate one for scrying, one for communication, and one for spells?

And I was hoping to get some tips on using it, like warnings and anecdotes, techniques if possible?

~ Alpha
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Re: Magick Mirrors
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It mostly bether tho keep The difrent purposes of difrent mirrors to ech mirror.
( but I don't know if this is a nessaserly thing tho) but I'll will help on keeping track to;)
(and for many, and so on. Keeping 'track' or otherwise difrentisate it all. Is a werry good thing.) no mather what you belive, se as 'real' and trust. And Even trust as 'truth' ( that can realy fuck you up) read. Understand. And well... This....
'the 'truth' that's a Lie. Will bring more pain, then the Lie that's a 'truth'. (trust me. I know)

If knowing. And willing to move beond this 'understanding' please contact me. And i will try to help. Or at least gaid your way;)

Myrdin. Light, life and love. True wisdom and self.

Ops. Didnt relly reply on rmthe topic and the question. Did I. Well. It's a part of it still. But non the less. I'll get back to the topic on next post;)
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Re: Magick Mirrors
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Back on topic;) as to mirror being sand, (before making) earth forms would be ways to 'ground' it. As in mirror (glass) it is actually a liquid form. So wather way to keep it 'puring/purified' would be at help. As that is it heat. (fire) that make it from sand to glass. That form of prackise would 'strengthen' the 'transform or in cases will' that to would help. That leaves us with air. (and spirit if you see it that wAy. But in that case. Your being the will anyway. ) so air....
I would go for from the start to end. On the making part on the mirror. As a part of it. And then clens with air on the end. ( darn. By this post. Made me think about it. And things. I'll think I should start using mirrored again)

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