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Hi everyone.
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I have a bit of a query with regards to whether I am in the right place or not.

Basically this is going to sound a bit crazy and im doubting whether to even post this.

Last year I experienced a bit of a weird situation regarding my phone.

I knew for a fact that I left it at home because I got to town and I tried looking for it and I only had jeans and t-shirt on so it's not something that I could miss.

Well I needed to ring my other half and couldn't find my phone so was about to go home and all of a sudden my phone started ringing in my pocket.

I was a bit freaked out, because I checked.

Well anyways this bought back memories of my childhood of when (this is the crazy part) I was pretending to do magic tricks with my brother with a brown paper bag and a coin. I basically put the coin in the paper bag and flicked the paper bag to make the coin go into my younger brothers pocket.

I checked the bag and the coin was not there, instead it was in my brothers pocket.

Obviously as a 5 or 6 year old telling your parents what you just done comes across as "well done, now go and watch telly"

So I just forgot about the incident until what happened with my phone.

So I just want to know if I am in the right place to try and build on this and to try and learn about how I actually done this.

Please forgive me if this is sounding like I am trying to be a bit of a wind up merchant.

Because I am just trying to get a grasp on what happened.

I don't expect everyone to believe me but if only one person knows what I experienced then it would give me a bit more to research on.

Thanks in advance.
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