Atacked by dreams

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Atacked by dreams

Atacked by dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Intresting thing. Was attacked in my dreams tonight. Something, or maybe someone? (Not that I can see why some would had cause for it against me but) trying to get a 'grasp' in my mind. By fear. By influencing my dream with all sorts of horror scenarios. Then by the inner fear thing. Things that are more personal form.

Now it's like I'm highly trained in controlling dreams. To take control of situations that may come.
But was not one without knowledge about the dreams that tried to influence me. There was good grip on the compounds.
So even if I didn't had the upper hand in each 'scene' in my dreams. So I had the advantage of changing 'scenes' and to overlap them.
Until the restless dreams awakened me.

And next night. If it would try again ...
So I'm prepared now. And things would be completely different:)

Dreams. You can have controle over things there to:)

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Re: Atacked by dreams
Post # 2
there is such things as nightmares. and also, the deeper in a dream you are, the less control you have over it. one more thing, not everything that scares you or makes you feel something of fear is an attack by someone/something.
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Re: Atacked by dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I know that:)
but this was no normal nighmare. And even in deep dreams, of normal (not efected by somthing outside my self) just made by own.
It is to be reconised that it is on me.

But this was not by me. That come clear when it got 'desperate' on trying to scare me.
I know every part of me. Even my 'darkest' parts.
I would't bother to try to controle In a normal nightmare. And defintly not do a post about it:)
and the my gf have problems with a being that do 'posess' in the mind. By this way.

But I do gett your point. And the reason for saying so:)
and so on:)
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